Morwenna Gordon

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TV, Radio & Film Credits

Year Production Role
Year Production Role
2017 The Midnight Beast's ValentineExecutive Producer
2017 Mr. Swallow's ValentineExecutive Producer
2017 Liam Williams' ValentineExecutive Producer
2017 Urban Myths: Waiting For AndreExecutive Producer
2016 Mount Pleasant - Series 6Executive Producer
2016 Katherine Ryan In IrelandExecutive Producer
2016 Seann Walsh In IrelandExecutive Producer
2016 Jason Byrne In IrelandExecutive Producer
2016 Diet Of Worms In IrelandExecutive Producer
2016 Al Porter In IrelandExecutive Producer
2016 Alison Spittle In IrelandExecutive Producer
2016 Jayde Adams's Horror: Bloody TracyExecutive Producer
2016 Jamie Demetriou's Horror: Oh GodExecutive Producer
2016 Matt Holness's Horror: SmutchExecutive Producer
2016 Guz Khan's Horror: FrightbustersExecutive Producer
2016 Kiri Pritchard-McLean's Horror: I've Got Your NumberExecutive Producer
2016 Steen Raskopoulos's Horror: Scare BnBExecutive Producer
2016 Yonderland - Series 3Executive Producer
2015 Yonderland - Series 2Director
2015 Yonderland - Series 2Producer
2015 Spencer Jones's ChristmasExecutive Producer
2011 Little Crackers - Little Crackers 2011Producer
Andrew Flintoff's SummerExecutive Producer
Vicki Pepperdine & Ellie White's SummerExecutive Producer

Rows styled with emboldened text indicate a regular/leading role.