Power Monkeys. Lauren (Amelia Bullmore)

Amelia Bullmore is an English actor, screenwriter, and playwright, known for playing Sonja, Alan Partridge's Ukrainian girlfriend, in I'm Alan Partridge, and Head of Sustainability Kay Hope in the BBC Two comedy Twenty Twelve, which was focused on the running of the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Friday 31st January 1964


Born in Chelsea, London, and educated at Manchester University, where she read Drama, Bullmore began her onstage career as part of a cabaret group named Red Stockings, alongside Helen Edmondson. It was during a performance at the Contact Theatre in Manchester that a casting director for Coronation Street spotted her talent, and offered her a role as Steph Barnes, a regular on the show from 1990 to 1991[/y]. Brief returns came in 1992 and 1995.

Bullmore is also known to British audiences for playing Sonja, the Ukrainian girlfriend of Alan Partridge, in Series 2 of the BBC Two comedy series I'm Alan Partridge.

From 2006 to 2013 she starred in BBC Radio 4 sketch show Down The Line, a spoof phone-in show starring Rhys Thomas as the clueless and tackles DJ Gary Bellamy.

Bullmore is known for undertaking several roles in sitcoms. From 2011 to 2012 she starred alongside Hugh Bonneville and Olivia Colman as Head of Sustainability Kay Hope in the BBC Two and BBC Four sitcom based on the London 2012 Olympic Games, Twenty Twelve. With an extraordinary ability to shoehorn ideas of 'sustainability' (which, she assures us, is different from 'legacy'...) into any conversation or meeting, Hope is tasked with the job of ensuring that the Olympic Games leave a mark on the East End of London.

From 2001 to 2005 Bullmore also starred as Maureen in the BBC Radio 4 sitcom Robin And Wendy's Wet Weekends, a programme about a childless couple from Stevenage who have an unhealthy obsession with Mayfield, the model village they have built in their garage.

From 2006 to 2007 she starred in the Channel 5 and Paramount sitcom Suburban Shootout, appearing alongside Anna Chancellor and Felicity Montagu] in a show centred on a small village female crime network.

Alongside these comedy credits, Bullmore's other television work includes Gentleman Jack, Happy Valley, The Crown, State Of Play, and Jam. Bullmore began writing in 1994, and her credits include episodes of shows as varied as This Life, Attachments, Black Cab, and Scott & Bailey. She is also an accomplished playwright, with her first play, Mammals (2005( touring the UK regionally, and her second play, Di and Viv and Rose, played in the West End in 2015.


Year Production Role
2021 The Larkins - Christmas Special Miss Edith Pilchester
2021 The Larkins - Series 1 Miss Edith Pilchester
2020 Down The Line - Lockdown Special Ensemble Actor
2017 Kevin Eldon Will See You Now - Series 3 Ensemble Actor
2017 Harry And Paul Present: The Gentlemen's Club Ensemble Actor
2016 Power Monkeys Lauren
2014 Kevin Eldon Will See You Now - Series 2 Ensemble Actor
2014 What We Did On Our Holiday Margaret McLeod
2013 Down The Line - Series 5 Ensemble Actor
2013 It's Kevin Ensemble Actor
2013 Common Ground Becky
2012 Kevin Eldon Will See You Now - Series 1 Ensemble Actor
2012 Love, Love, Love Like The Beatles (as Amelia Bulmore) Jo
2012 Twenty Twelve - Series 2 Kay Hope
2011 The Bat Man Writer
2011 Twenty Twelve - Series 1 Kay Hope
2011 Family Tree Writer
2011 Family Tree Reena
2011 Shameless - Series 8
  1. E1 - Episode One
  2. E5 - Episode Five
Mildred Fletcher
2010 Little Crackers - Little Crackers 2010
  1. E7 - Jo Brand's Little Cracker
2010 Bellamy's People Writer
2010 Bellamy's People Various
2009 Down The Line - 2009 Special Ensemble Actor
2008 A Week With Adam Buxton Ensemble Actor
2008 I Wish To Apologise For My Part In The Apocalypse Tilda
2007 The IT Crowd - Series 2
  1. E5 - Smoke And Mirrors
Helen Buley
2007 Suburban Shootout - Series 2 Joyce Hazledine
2007 Will Smith Presents: The Tao Of Bergerac
  1. E3 - Love
Ensemble Actor
2006 Down The Line - Series 1 Ensemble Actor
2006 Suburban Shootout - Series 1 Joyce Hazledine
2005 Robin And Wendy's Wet Weekends - Series 4 Maureen
2005 Festival Micheline Menzies
2004 Robin And Wendy's Wet Weekends - Series 3 Maureen
2004 I Am Not An Animal Actor
2003 Robin And Wendy's Wet Weekends - Series 2 Maureen
2003 Anglian Lives - Alan Partridge Actor
2002 I'm Alan Partridge - Series 2 Sonja
2002 The Gist Actor
2001 Linda Green - Series 1
  1. E5 - Rest in Peace
Lucy Cooper
2001 Brass Eye Ensemble Actor
2000 Jam Writer (Additional Material)
2000 Jam Sketches
1999 Blue Jam - Series 3 Writer (Additional Material)
1998 Big Train - Series 1 Writer
1998 Big Train - Series 1 Various
1998 Blue Jam - Series 2 Writer (Additional Material)
1997 Blue Jam - Series 1 Writer (Additional Material)
1997 Blue Jam - Series 1 Ensemble Actor
1997 Brass Eye Ensemble Actor
1993 Stuck On You Beth

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