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Suburban Shootout

Suburban Shootout

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 5 / Comedy Central
  • 2006 - 2007
  • 11 episodes (2 series)

In Little Stempington, the women don't kill time - they kill each other. Stars Amelia Bullmore, Anna Chancellor, Felicity Montagu, Rachael Blake, Lucy Robinson and more.

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Series 2, Episode 2 - In It For The Wild Life / Fight Club

Camilla instigates a series of stings to secure planning permission for her super casino on the town's wetlands. Hiring Hilary Davenport, they attempt to lure parliamentary hopeful Toby into a sexual encounter. Elsewhere, as Joyce's grip on the town slips away she confronts Camilla at the new all-female fight club where a showdown between the Mob bosses ensues.

Further details

Barbara Du Prez starts to bond with her thuggish, arson-prone cellmate, Donna, so life inside prison becomes easier for her. However, she'd be gutted to discover what's going on back home.

In order to obtain planning permission for the super casino on Stempington Wetlands Camilla decides she will blackmail the local MEP with an incriminating home video. And it seems Joyce is losing her control over Stempington life when Camilla's cohorts, Lillian and Hilary start encouraging the local ladies to solve their differences by attending an all female Fight Club. From now on Camilla intends all local disputes and petty feuds to be fixed by girl on girl fist fights.

Camilla's still not over the fact that Joyce blew up the garden centre and plots an evil plan. Camilla summons Jeremy to her house under the pretence of a burglary; she drugs him and then stages a sexual scene in her Jacuzzi. The resulting video evidence is sent to Joyce. As expected Joyce falls to pieces.

Meanwhile, Camilla's daughter Jewel is suffering now that Joyce's son Bill has gone off to college. Having failed her audition for drama school Jewel makes a plea for help by staging her own suicide at the heights of Stempington Bridge. Like any good son, Bill responds to Jewel's text message threatening to kill herself and turns up in the nick of time to offer a marriage proposal as a means of saving Jewel.

At the climax of the episode Joyce learns about the fight club and marches off to challenge Camilla. Camilla and Joyce will enter into a bloody battle witnessed by Stempington's ladies. Joyce overcomes the odds to become victor but at what cost...?

Broadcast details

Thursday 13th September 2007
Channel 5
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Amelia Bullmore Joyce Hazledine
Anna Chancellor Camilla Diamond
Felicity Montagu Barbara Du Prez
Rachael Blake Hilary Davenport
Lucy Robinson Pam Draper
Emma Kennedy Lillian Gordon-Moore
Cathryn Bradshaw Margaret Littlefair
Ralph Ineson Jeremy Hazledine
Ruth Wilson Jewel Diamond
Tom Hiddleston Bill Hazledine
Tom Ellis PC Haines
Guest cast
Trevor Stuart Trolley Man
Nicholas Farrell Raymond
Andrew Scarborough Stuart Diamond
Brian Protheroe Doctor Nicky Forbes
Sarah Solemani Donna
Gary McDonald Chevy
Richard Lumsden Toby Jerwood-Jones
Pooky Quesnel Penny Hawthorne
Regina Freedman Annabelle
Sarah Greene Elizabeth
Writing team
Roger Beckett Writer
Gary James Martin Writer
Production team
Gordon Anderson Director
Greg Boardman Producer
Laurence Bowen Executive Producer
Phil Clarke (as Philip Clarke) Executive Producer
Eugenio PĂ©rez Line Producer
Roger Beckett Associate Producer
Gary James Martin Associate Producer
Sam Williams Editor
Rosy Thomas Production Designer
Carrie Hilton Casting Director
Kate Forbes Costume Designer
Ian Liggett Director of Photography
Jutta Russell Make-up Designer
Daniel Pemberton Composer
Adam Lock 1st Assistant Director

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