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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

  • TV chat show
  • BBC One
  • 2001 - 2010
  • 275 episodes (18 series)

A long-running chat show in which Jonathan Ross talked to the biggest names in film, music and television. Stars Jonathan Ross, David Roper, David Wickenden, Ian Parkin and Stephen de Martin

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Series 18, Episode 20 - Frankie Boyle, Katherine Heigl, Diddy

If you are of the Mail persuasion, the sight of Frankie Boyle and Jonathan Ross together may well convince you that decent society has collapsed. It hasn't and Katherine Heigl should provide reassurance. Music from (not David) Diddy.

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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Frankie Boyle. Copyright: Hot Sauce

Diddy talks candidly about his private life (he has six children with three different partners): "Opportunity wasn't knocking at my door for marriage. I'm going to be more cautious in future. I'm not going to have any more kids until I get married."

Diddy also chats about how he wanted to be an athlete, but injury forced a career change. "Originally, I wanted to be a footballer ... music was my way to get over being depressed."

He tells Jonathan how poverty made him ambitious: "Being hungry, you learn to make money to eat. My father was a street hustler, that's why he was killed when I was younger ... I didn't want to follow in those footsteps."

He also explains why he's turned down action hero movies: "I got offered a lot of clich├ęd roles - I wanted to go more the independent route."

Diddy talks about the fact he only takes off two weeks a year: "I work hard and I play hard - I love to have a good time."

Actress Katherine Heigl confesses to Jonathan that she didn't live with her husband before marriage: "The first three to six months were pretty rough. I think it's hard to get used to the idea that person's going to be there all the time. I was clinging to my independence a little bit."

Katherine also admits that she was love-struck by her Killers co-stars: "Ashton Kutcher has a great body ... I got really blushy - I was actually fluttering my eyelashes a lot!" Referring to co-star Tom Selleck, she says: "I was remembering my crush on him from Friends."

She jokes how annoyed she was that Ashton appearing topless stole the limelight: "I have my shirt off in this movie, too - nobody mentions that!"

Comedian Frankie Boyle admits to Jonathan that he hates talent shows: "I find the whole thing of people getting fascinated by talent shows depressing."

Frankie reveals that he's leaving stand-up: "It's a bit unhealthy, looking for the approval of strangers ... but I've got family - I'd like to spend some time with them."

Frankie also tells Jonathan that he thought he was having a heart attack at a recent recording of Mock The Week, although it was a false alarm: "Turned out I had a 'torn man boob'. It was about as humiliating as it could possibly have been."

He also confirms he is writing his first sitcom.


Diddy performed Hello Good Morning.

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Friday 11th June 2010
60 minutes


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Sunday 13th June 2010 1:10am BBC1

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Jonathan Ross Host / Presenter
David Roper (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
David Wickenden (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
Ian Parkin (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
Stephen de Martin (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
Guest cast
Katherine Heigl Guest
Frankie Boyle Guest
Sean Combs (as Diddy) Guest
Writing team
Jim Pullin Writer
Shaun Pye Writer
Fraser Steele Writer
Jonathan Ross Writer
Production team
Mick Thomas Director
Tom Barrett Producer
Deborah Cox Producer
Suzi Aplin Executive Producer
Addison Cresswell Executive Producer
Mirella Breda Executive Producer
Steve Andrews Editor
James Sanderson Editor
Richard Drew Production Designer


Frankie Boyle doesn't like TV talent shows

Frankie Boyle explains why he doesn't like TV talent shows.

Featuring: Jonathan Ross & Frankie Boyle.

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