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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

  • TV chat show
  • BBC One
  • 2001 - 2010
  • 275 episodes (18 series)

A long-running chat show in which Jonathan Ross talked to the biggest names in film, music and television. Stars Jonathan Ross, David Roper, David Wickenden, Ian Parkin and Stephen de Martin

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Series 18, Episode 14 - Russell Crowe, David Gandy, Reginald D. Hunter, Dizzee Rascal

If you struggled with the three Rs at school, spare a thought for Rossy tonight when he introduces Russell, Reginald and Rascal. For the ladies, there's some male eye candy in the apparently lovely shape of David Gandy.

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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Reginald D Hunter. Copyright: Hot Sauce

Russell Crowe, Dizzee Rascal, David Gandy and Reginald D Hunter join Jonathan Ross for this week's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

Russell Crowe admits it was hard to get into shape because of Gladiator injuries: "a big ask to get in to that level of training again," and tells Jonathan how he partied all night with his wife to celebrate Hollywood Walk of Fame: "We were still outside with a vodka at seven in the morning... that's why I married the girl."

He reveals Robin Hood is the first of his films he's shown his children, but that he didn't get a positive response - they said: "can we go home now, dad?"

He also confirms he's committed to a Robin Hood sequel and that he wants a follow-up to Master & Commander, saying: "I'd certainly do that character again."

Dizzee Rascal says he was delighted to be voted choice for black James Bond and reveals he wrote off a police car straight after passing his test: "My first crash, and it's the police... I haven't crashed since!"

He says he's still single and playing the field but wants a family: "Just testing the waters, I've been known to play around a bit... I want kids, I want all that."

Supermodel David Gandy says celebrities like David Beckham should stick to their day jobs and that he found it tough to be accepted as a model: "I was laughed off for the first couple of years, I was told I was too good-looking," adding "it was all androgynous, skinny, [they] resembled women more than guys."

He also admits he was overweight when he was younger: "I was quite chubby when I was 15, I loved a pie," and says he wants to stay at the top: "I changed the industry and younger guys are coming in, so I'm trying to kick them out!"

Comedian Reginald D. Hunter tells Jonathan that he trained at RADA but wasn't taken seriously as an actor: "I went to auditions and they said we're not doing Othello this year."

He also says he likes Britain "because of debate, [and] people love being smart," and that he loves laid-back Australia, which is "like a white Jamaica."


Dizzee Rascal performed Dirtee Disco.

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Friday 30th April 2010
60 minutes


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Sunday 2nd May 2010 12:55am BBC1

Cast & crew

Jonathan Ross Host / Presenter
David Roper (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
David Wickenden (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
Ian Parkin (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
Stephen de Martin (as Four Poofs and a Piano) Musical Performer
Guest cast
Russell Crowe Guest
Dylan Mills (as Dizzee Rascal) Guest
Reginald D Hunter Guest
David Gandy Guest
Writing team
Jim Pullin Writer
Shaun Pye Writer
Fraser Steele Writer
Jonathan Ross Writer
Production team
Mick Thomas Director
Tom Barrett Producer
Deborah Cox Producer
Suzi Aplin Executive Producer
Addison Cresswell Executive Producer
Mirella Breda Executive Producer
Steve Andrews Editor
Ian Birchall Editor
Richard Drew Production Designer

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