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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

BBC One chat show. 275 episodes (18 series), 2001 - 2010. Stars Jonathan Ross, David Roper, David Wickenden, Ian Parkin and Stephen de Martin.

Press Clippings

Jonathan Ross blames 'sheer volume of negative press'

Jonathan Ross has revealed that the main reason he left the BBC earlier this year was because of the 'sheer volume of negative press' he was attracting to the broadcaster.

Metro, 3rd September 2010

Stage one of 'Getting over Jonathan'

And so it starts, our first Friday without Wossy. Here is some of his best interviews and moments, and a look at what happens now...

Ryan Duggins, Suite 101, 23rd July 2010

TV ratings: More than 5m wish Jonathan Ross goodbye

The final Friday Night With Jonathan Ross easily won its slot, with 5.2m to Big Brother's 2.3m.

John Plunkett, The Guardian, 19th July 2010

Fans fume as guests and staff snap up farewell seats

Jonathan Ross fans have launched a furious attack on the BBC after they were refused entry to the recording of his final show, despite holding tickets.

Keri Sutherland, Daily Mail, 18th July 2010

Jonathan Ross: 2001 - 2010

The media world and a legion of adoring fans were last night mourning the loss of former chat show host and Radio 2 DJ Jonathan Ross. Ross was 49-years-old and is survived by Graham Norton.

Will Sturgeon, The Media Blog, 17th July 2010

Jonathan Ross bids farewell to the BBC

David Beckham is among the guests as controversial chatshow host bows out with final show.

Zoe Williams, The Guardian, 17th July 2010

Jonathan Ross: his BBC highs and lows

As the final Friday Night with Jonathan Ross nears, here are some of his most memorable moments - for better or worse.

Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, 16th July 2010

David Beckham, Roxy Music, Mickey Rourke and Jackie Chan will be the last ever guests on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross which ends tonight. After the outcry over his £6million salary, and the prank phone call to Andrew Sachs that led to his suspension (and, ironically, jump-started Sachs' career) his position at the top of the BBC totem pole had become untenable. But it's not the end of Wossy.

He's already signed a deal with ITV for a brand new show which will appear towards the end of 2011, making him the third BBC presenter, after Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley to defect to ITV recently.

The move also means he'll have presented talk shows on three different networks, having made his presenting debut in the Last Resort With Jonathan Ross on Channel 4. It was that show which first shook up the staid and stuffy British chat show by injecting satirical comedy, irreverence and a fresh, American-style vibe. That style has now become so much the norm you couldn't imagine it being any other way.

Friday nights really won't be the same without him.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 16th July 2010

So this is it. The end. The final curtain. The last ever Friday Night with Jonathan Ross after nearly ten years on BBC1. Ross was always an acquired taste; his blokey, jokey style was too smut-centric for some, while others thought him edgy and funny. None of that matters now, of course. Ross was all too willing to assist in the implosion of his BBC career when he and Russell Brand Went Too Far and left mucky messages on a blameless Andrew Sachs's answering machine during Brand's Radio 2 show. The reaction was ridiculously overblown - the sky didn't fall in - but it was the kind of national convulsion that could end only, eventually, with Ross's departure. Tonight's final guests are David Beckham, Jackie Chan, Mickey Rourke and Roxy Music.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 16th July 2010

It's the end of an era and not a moment too soon for many. Tonight, Jonathan Ross's rule as the BBC's most generously remunerated presenter comes to a close when he presents the last ever edition of his chat show. Once one of the sharpest hosts on television, Ross was brought low by his own failure to engage his brain before his mouth. Since "Sachsgate", a chastened Ross has been a shadow of his formerly audacious self and ratings for Friday Night have fallen by a million from their pre-scandal days. In what is bound to be a muted send-off, he's booked David Beckham and martial arts star Jackie Chan for chat and ageing rockers Roxy Music, headed by singer Bryan Ferry, for tunes.

The Telegraph, 16th July 2010