Fawlty Towers. Manuel (Andrew Sachs). Copyright: BBC

Andrew Sachs was a German-born British actor best known for playing Spanish waiter Manuel in the BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers.

Year Production Role
2016 Breaking The Bank Jenkins
2013 Jo Brand's Great Wall Of Comedy
  1. E1 - Episode One
2013 Run For Your Wife Waiter
2011 Bar Mitzvah Boy Grandad
2010 Beautiful Dreamers
  1. E2 - The Traitor of the Zazalcara
Ensemble Actor
2010 Terry Pratchett's Going Postal Tolliver Groat
2009 The Story Of Slapstick Self
2009 Fawlty Towers: Re-Opened
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  1. E1 - Fawlty Towers: Re-Opened
  2. E2 - Fawlty Towers Exclusive: Basil's Best Bits
2009 Beyond A Joke
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  1. E1 - Class Apart
2008 We Are Most Amused Manuel
2008 28 Acts In 28 Minutes - Series 2 (as Billy Bennett)
  1. E2 - Episode Two
2007 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Holistic Detective Agency
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  1. E1 - Episode One
  2. E2 - Episode Two
  3. E3 - Episode Three
  4. E4 - Episode Four
  5. E5 - Episode Five
  6. E6 - Episode Six
Professor 'Reg' Chronotis
2006 Ricky Gervais Meets...
  1. E1 - Larry David
2006 The Ultimate Sitcom Self
2005 The Comedians' Comedian Self
2004 Britain's Best Sitcom
  1. E1 - The Launch
  2. E3 - Fawlty Towers
2003 Bremner, Bird And Fortune: Between Iraq And A Hard Place Ensemble Actor
2002 Meet The Magoons - Comedy Lab
  1. Meet The Magoons
2001 The Right Time - Series 1
  1. E2 - Episode Two
2000 Love 40-New Balls Please - Series 3 Actor
2000 That Peter Kay Thing - Series 1
View episodes
  1. E1 - In The Club
  2. E2 - Eyes Down
  3. E3 - The Ice Cream Man Cometh
  4. E4 - The Arena
  5. E5 - Leonard
  6. E6 - Lonely At The Top
1999 Laughter In The House: The Story Of British Sitcom
  1. E2 - The Sensational Seventies
1999 H-H-H-Happy Birthday Hancock Host / Presenter
1998 Love 40-New Balls Please - Series 2 Actor
1998 Norman Ormal: A Very Political Turtle Party Political Broadcast Voice Over (Voice)
1993 Week Ending - Series 72
  1. E11 - Episode Eleven
  2. E12 - Episode Twelve
Ensemble Actor
1993 Every Silver Lining
View episodes
  1. E1 - Fish
  2. E2 - No Cappuccino
  3. E3 - Brotherhood
  4. E4 - Free Lunch
  5. E5 - Funny Valentine
Nat Silver
1992 Week Ending - Series 69
  1. E14 - Episode Fourteen
Ensemble Actor
1989 Week Ending - Series 62
  1. E6 - Episode Six
  2. E7 - Episode Seven
  3. E8 - Episode Eight
  4. E24 - Episode Twenty-Four
Ensemble Actor
1987 Delve Special - Series 4
  1. E4 - The Resurrection Of St Jerome
Ensemble Actor
1987 The Mausoleum Club - Tales From The Mausoleum Club
  1. E1 - The Inaudible Man
1985 Delve Special - Series 2
  1. E4 - Double Agent Russell Nicholson
Ensemble Actor
1985 Week Ending - Series 51
  1. E1 - Episode One
  2. E2 - Episode Two
Ensemble Actor
1985 There Comes A Time... Tony James
1984 Big Deal - Series 1
  1. E4 - Some You Win...
1984 Delve Special - Series 1
  1. E2 - The Shifton Scandal, Part 2
Ensemble Actor
1983 It'll All Be Over In Half An Hour Ensemble Actor
1983 Week Ending - Series 42
  1. E12 - Episode Twelve
  2. E13 - Episode Thirteen
Ensemble Actor
1982 It's Your Move Road-sweeper
1982 Dead Ernest
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  1. E1 - Episode One
  2. E2 - Episode Two
  3. E3 - Episode Three
  4. E4 - Episode Four
  5. E5 - Episode Five
  6. E6 - Episode Six
  7. E7 - Episode Seven
Ernest Springer
1979 Not The Nine O'Clock News - Series 1
  1. E2 - Episode Two
Ensemble Actor
1979 The Dawson Watch - Series 1
  1. E2 - Transport
Ensemble Actor
1979 Fawlty Towers - Series 2
View episodes
  1. E1 - Communication Problems
  2. E2 - The Psychiatrist
  3. E3 - Waldorf Salad
  4. E4 - The Kipper And The Corpse
  5. E5 - The Anniversary
  6. E6 - Basil The Rat
1978 Rising Damp - Series 4
  1. E3 - Great Expectations
1978 Revenge Of The Pink Panther Hospital Inmate
1977 Are You Being Served? Don Carlos Bernardo
1977 What's Up Nurse Waiter
1975 Fawlty Towers - Series 1
View episodes
  1. E1 - A Touch Of Class
  2. E2 - The Builders
  3. E3 - The Wedding Party
  4. E4 - The Hotel Inspectors
  5. E5 - Gourmet Night
  6. E6 - The Germans
1974 Romance With A Double Bass Musician Zhuchkov
1968 Nearest And Dearest - Series 1
  1. E3 - The Danger List
1968 Hugh And I - Hugh And I Spy
  1. E3 - Checkpoint Charlies
1959 The Night We Dropped A Clanger A. C. 2. Briggs

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Monday 7th April 1930
Wednesday 23rd November 2016 (aged 86)
Stage name
Billy Bennett

Andreas Siegfried Sachs (Andrew Sachs) was born in Berlin, Germany, but abandoned his homeland for Britain with his Catholic, half-Austrian mother and Jewish father in 1938, to escape the Nazis. Having settled in north London, Sachs lived in Kilburn for the rest of his life.

Sachs married Melody Lang in 1960, an actor who had appeared in one episode of Fawlty Towers, "Basil the Rat", playing the role of Mrs. Taylor. After tying the knot, Sachs adopted her two sons from a previous marriage, John Sachs and William Sachs, and together they had one daughter, Kate Sachs.

In the late 1950s Sachs was still studying shipping management tat college when he worked on his first rail productions, including Private Dreams And Public Nightmares by Frederick Bradnum, an early experimental programme created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

He would later make his West End debut in the 1958 production of the Whitehall farce Simple Spymen, and made his screen debut in 1959 in the film The Night We Dropped A Clanger, a classic comedy that follows an RAF officer who plans to fool the Nazis as to whereabouts by using a double. This would lead to appearances in crime/detective television shows for ITC, such as The Saint and Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased).

Sachs is best known by far for playing Manuel, the Spanish waiter in the iconic sitcom Fawlty Towers (1975-1979). He was nominated for a BAFTA award, eventually losing out to his co-star John Cleese. Famously, during the shooting of the well-known episode "The Germans", Sachs came away with second-degree burns due to a fire stunt.

In character as Manuel, Sachs recorded four musical singles, including "Manuel's Good Food Guide" in 1977. In 1980 he featured on This Is Your Life, when he was surprised by Eamonn Andrews while in the character of Manuel. In 1981, "Manuel" released a cover version of [p[Joe Dolce]'s UK no. 1 song "Shaddap You Face", "Waiter, there's a Flea in my Soup" on the B side.

Alongside his work on Fawlty Towers, Sachs is also known for a wide array of successful voice work. He has narrated several television and radio documentaries, including all five series of BBC's BAFTA award-winning business television series Troubleshooter, presented by Sir John Harvey-Jones MBE. He has also narrated the audiobooks for C. S. Lewis' Narhia series and Alexander McCall Smith's first only book, Corduroy Mansions. In 2000, he also narrated Peter Kay's spoof documentaries series That Peter Kay Thing.

Cleverly reversing his role in Fawlty Towers, Sachs also played the hotel manager in the 1977 movie Are You Being Served?, a spin-off from the long-running and much-loved sitcom.

Sachs has undertaken several roles in productions of Dr Who, including "Skagra" in the webcast/audio version of the Doctor Who story Shada. Sachs appeared on 27 episode of the [c[ITV[/c] soap Coronation Street in 2009.

In 2008 the BBC apologised to Sachs after comedians Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross had made several obscene phone-calls to him on an episode of The Russell Brand Show. These messages, left on his answerphone, had joked about Brand having sex with his granddaughter, Georgina Baillie. In the aftermath of the scandal, Brand and Controller of BBC Radio 2 Lesley Douglas resigned, with Ross suspended. In a 2014 BBC interview, Sachs spoke of how the events still affected him.

Sachs was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2012, which consigned him to a wheelchair. He died on 23 November 2016 at the Denville Hall nursing home in Northwood, London. On 2 December 2016, BBC One broadcast the Fawlty Towers episode "Communication Problems" in his memory.

BAFTA Television Awards 1980
Best Light Entertainment Performance (Nominee)
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