British Comedy Guide

Lindsay Jex

TV, Radio & Film Credits

Year Production Role
Year Production Role
2017 Our Friend VictoriaExecutive Producer
2016 Richard E. Grant On... Ealing ComediesExecutive Producer
2016 Live From The BBC - Series 1Series Producer
2016 Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: The Missing SketchesExecutive Producer
2015 Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled - Series 3Series Producer
2014 Porridge: Inside OutDirector
2014 Porridge: Inside OutProducer
2014 Porridge: Inside OutSeries Director
2014 Porridge: Inside OutSeries Producer
2014 Monty Python's Best Bits (Mostly)Series Producer
2013 The Two Ronnies SpectacleProducer
2013 The Two Ronnies SpectacleEdit Producer
2013 Yes, Prime Minister: Re-ElectedDirector
2013 Yes, Prime Minister: Re-ElectedProducer
2011 Jennifer Saunders: Laughing At The 90sProducer
2011 Ben Elton: Laughing At The 80sSeries Producer
2011 Catherine Tate: Laughing At The NoughtiesSeries Producer
2011 Sitcom Does...Director
2011 Sitcom Does...Producer
2009 Fawlty Towers: Re-OpenedDirector
2009 Fawlty Towers: Re-OpenedProducer

Rows styled with emboldened text indicate a regular/leading role.