Marianne Stone

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Marianne Stone is an actor.


Year Production Role
1984 What A Carry On
  1. E7 - Episode Seven
  2. E2 - Episode Two
  3. E1 - Episode One
Self (Archive Material)
1977 That's Carry On! Self (Archive Material)
1975 Carry On Behind Mrs. Rowan
1974 Percy's Progress Reporter at Senate Question Time
1974 Carry On Dick Maggie
1974 Confessions Of A Window Cleaner Woman in Cinema
1973 Carry On Girls Miss Drew
1973 It's A 2'6" Above The Ground World Customer
1972 Au Pair Girls Mrs. Fairfax
1972 Father, Dear Father - Series 6
  1. E1 - The Cardboard Casanova
1972 Carry On Matron Mrs Putzova
1972 Bless This House - Series 2
  1. E8 - Wives And Lovers
1972 Bless This House Muriel
1971 Carry On At Your Convenience Maud
1968 Carry On Doctor Mother
1966 Don't Lose Your Head Landlady
1966 Carry On Screaming! Actor
1964 The Beauty Jungle Rita
1964 The Big Noise
  1. E6 - Episode Six
  2. E1 - Episode One
1963 Carry On Jack 1st Woman in Dirty Dick's
1963 The Fast Lady Miss Oldham
1961 Double Bunk Prospective Purchaser's Wife
1961 On The Fiddle Stretcher Bearer
1959 I'm All Right Jack T.V. Receptionist
1959 Carry On Nurse Mrs Alice Able
1959 The Man Who Liked Funerals Bentham's Secretary
1957 The Good Companions Honeymoon Couple
1956 A Touch Of The Sun Miss Grey
1954 The Crowded Day Mr. Stanton's Secretary
1954 The Runaway Bus Travel Girl

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