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  • TV panel show
  • BBC Two / BBC One / BBC Four
  • 2003 - 2024
  • 312 episodes (21 series)

Panel game that contains lots of difficult questions and a large amount of quite interesting facts. Stars Sandi Toksvig, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

  • Due to return for Series V
  • Series L, Episode 6 repeated at 9pm on Dave
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Series U - QI VG: Part II

Another selection of the best moments from the recent series. Sandi Toksvig asks questions connected to the letter U, as Alan Davies and the guest panellists try to come up with interesting, point-worthy answers - all the while avoiding the most obvious ones.


- Ultras Best Bit: How to identify an ultra marathon runner by their feet.

- Upside-down Best Bit: Is this artwork upside-down?

- All I Want For Christmas Is U Best Bit Tangent: Diving horses.

- University Best Bit Tangent: How the father of dissection hid what he was up to.

- Uncle Sam Best Bit: The original name for the Boston Tea Party.

- Underground & Underwater New Material Tangent: Zoe Lyons's favourite thing to see when diving is the porcupine fish. Zoe says that puffer fish can only puff up three times, and then they cannot deflate. This leads Zoe to ask if you get prankster puffer fish, tricking other puffer fish to inflate when they don't need to. She also adds that when the fish is inflated, they cannot swim properly, and dolphins start to play with them. However, the Elves check out all this information, and it is not true at all.

- Uncle Sam Best Bit: Pringles are not technically potato chips.

- Upbringing Best Bit Tangent: Getting Egyptian mummies to speak.

- 'U' Animals New Material Tangent: Rhod Gilbert was told while walking his dog that if you hear an owl going "twit-twoo", it is actually two owls, one calling to the other. This is true, but Rhod still refuses to believe it.

- Unrelated Best Bit: Being unceremoniously buttbuttinated.

- Ulex Best Bit Tangent: What makes someone creepy.

- United Best Bit Tangent: Bill Bailey playing an allegory of Hitler.

- Ultras Best Bit Tangent: Problems when using ultrasound on animals.

- Upsadaisy Best Bit Tangent: Pope Leo X's white elephant.

- Unsavoury Best Bit: The unsavoury behaviour of English monkeys.

- Underthings New Tangent: The world's tallest church, Ulm Minster in Germany, took more than 500 years to build.

- Unsavoury Best Bit: More about the unsavoury behaviour of English monkeys.

- Ufology Best Bit: What would happen to your body temperature if you were ejected into space without a spacesuit on?

- Upsadaisy Best Bit: Aimon Koivunen, the Finnish soldier who overdose on methamphetamines.

Broadcast details

Friday 17th May 2024
30 minutes


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Monday 20th May 2024 10:00pm BBC2 Wales

Cast & crew

Sandi Toksvig Host / Presenter
Alan Davies Regular Panellist
Guest cast
Bill Bailey Guest
Jo Brand Guest
Gyles Brandreth Guest
Jimmy Carr Guest
David Mitchell Guest
Jack Dee Guest
Sara Pascoe Guest
Josh Widdicombe Guest
Victoria Coren Mitchell Guest
Aisling Bea Guest
Cariad Lloyd Guest
Rhod Gilbert Guest
Tommy Tiernan Guest
Romesh Ranganathan Guest
Holly Walsh Guest
Nish Kumar Guest
Joe Lycett Guest
Sally Phillips Guest
Cally Beaton Guest
Bridget Christie Guest
Tom Allen Guest
Lou Sanders Guest
Daliso Chaponda Guest
Zoe Lyons Guest
Maisie Adam Guest
Chris McCausland Guest
Justin Moorhouse Guest
Eshaan Akbar Guest
Rosie Jones Guest
Ahir Shah Guest
Guz Khan Guest
Urzila Carlson Guest
Nabil Abdulrashid Guest
Judi Love Guest
Kiri Pritchard-McLean Guest
Kemah Bob Guest
Alex Edelman Guest
Jordan Gray Guest
Tom Ward Guest
Lara Ricote Guest
Emmanuel Sonubi Guest
Morgana Robinson Guest
Josh Pugh Guest
Aaron Simmonds Guest
Writing team
James Harkin Script Editor
Anna Ptaszynski Script Editor
Sandi Toksvig Script Editor
Will Bowen Researcher
Andrew Hunter Murray Researcher
Mike Turner Researcher
Jack Chambers Researcher
Emily Jupitus Researcher
James Rawson Researcher
Lydia Mizon Researcher
Miranda Brennan Researcher
Tara Dorrell Researcher
Henry Eliot Researcher
Leying Lee Researcher
Manu Henriot Researcher
Joe Mayo Researcher
Production team
Ben Hardy Director
Diccon Ramsay Director
Piers Fletcher Producer
John Lloyd Executive Producer
Nick King Editor
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
Gemma O'Sullivan Lighting Designer
Howard Goodall Composer
Aran Kharpal Graphics
Helen Ringer Graphics
Oli Richards Lighting Designer
Sarah Clay Commissioning Editor

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