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Anthony Head is an English actor and musician best known for playing the Gold Blend couple in television advertisements for Nescafé Gold Blend. In television he played The Prime Minister in the successful BBC comedy series Little Britain, written by Matt Lucas and David Walliams, and in radio he starred as Mr Gently Benevolent in Bleak Expectations, a comedy parodying Charles Dickens, Professor Saunders in Clayton Grange, and Ed Walker in You, Me & Them.

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Saturday 20th February 1954


Born in Camden Town, London, head was educated at Sunbury Grammar School and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). His father was Seafield Laurence Stewart Murray Head, a documentary filmmaker and founder of Verity Films, and his mother is actor Helen Shingler.

Head began his comedy career by working on two series of The Comic Strip Presents... in the 1980s, working backstage and playing the minor role of Ricki. After several
From 2002 to 2003, Head appeared alongside Nigel Havers and others in the BBC Two comedy drama Manchild, a show following four successful 50-something struggling to come to terms with their respective mid-life crises.

In three series of Little Britain] (2003-2005), Head starred as The Prime Minister, alongside David Walliams's enamoured/obsessed assistant Sebastian, in the the BBC sketch comedy show Little Britain.

Head is also a talented musical performer, and his breakthrough first role was in the musical Godspell[/o].

Head played Frank N. Further in the 1990-1991 West End revival of [I]The Rocky Horror Show at London's Picaddilly Theatre,

He has played both Alexander Graham Bell and Admiral Horatio Nelson in various episodes of the Comedy Central comedy Drunk History, and has starred in such works as Motherland and Yonderland.

Alongside his extensive work in television, Head has released an album of songs with musician George Sarah, entitled Music For Elevators.

Head has appeared in a special webcast version of Doctor Who, a story called Death Comes To Time, in which he played the Time Lord Valentine.

From 2008 to 2014 Head starred in the last two series of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom Cabin Pressure, a much-loved sitcom based on the world's smallest airline. Here he would play Hercules Shipwright, a romantic interest for airline CEO played by Stephanie Cole, and would feature alongside classic comedy actor Roger Allam and future star Benedict Cumberbatch.


British Comedy Awards 2006
Best Stage Comedy: Winner


Year Production Role
2021 Sideshow Gerald
2021 Feel Good - Series 2
  1. E4 - Episode Four
  2. E5 - Episode Five
George Senior
2021 Motherland - Series 3
  1. E1 - Nit Blitz
2021 Back - Series 2
  1. E2 - Episode Two
Charismatic Mike
2021 School's Out Forever Actor
2020 Reasons To Be Cheerful With Matt Lucas
  1. E6 - Episode Six
2019 Little Britain - Little Brexit
  1. Little Brexit
Ensemble Actor
2019 Motherland - Series 2
  1. E1 - No Mum Left Behind
  2. E5 - Le Weekend
2019 The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited Self
2016 Yonderland - Series 3
  1. E5 - The Negatus Redemption
  2. Special - It's The Thought That Counts
2016 Drunk History - Series 2
  1. E6 - Episode Six
Admiral Horatio Nelson
2016 Drunk History - Series 2
  1. E5 - Episode Five
Alexander Graham Bell
2015 Convenience Barry
2015 Yonderland - Series 2
  1. E7 - The Last Fahl
2015 You, Me & Them - Series 2 Ed Walker
2014 Cabin Pressure - Zurich Herc
2014 The Inbetweeners Go Global Narrator
2014 Clayton Grange - Series 2 Professor Saunders
2013 You, Me & Them - Series 1 Ed Walker
2013 Cabin Pressure - Series 4 Herc
2012 Bleak Expectations - Series 5 Sourquill
2012 Bleak Expectations - Series 5 Mr Gently Benevolent
2012 Clayton Grange - Series 1 Professor Saunders
2011 The Inbetweeners Movie Will's Dad
2011 Cabin Pressure - Series 3 Herc
2010 Bleak Expectations - Series 4 Sourquill
2010 Bleak Expectations - Series 4 Mr Gently Benevolent
2009 Bleak Expectations - Series 3 Mr Gently Benevolent
2009 Free Agents - Series 1 Stephen Caudwell
2008 Bleak Expectations - Series 2 Mr Gently Benevolent
2008 Friday Night With Jonathan Ross - Series 14
  1. E17 - Sarah Jessica Parker, Andrew Marr, Anthony Head, Yazoo
2008 The Invisibles Maurice Riley
2008 Freezing - Series 1 Lindsay Posner
2007 Free Agents - Pilot Stephen Caudwell
2007 Bleak Expectations - Series 1 Mr Gently Benevolent
2007 Sensitive Skin - Series 2
  1. E3 - The Signals
  2. E6 - Here I Am
2005 Little Britain - Series 3 The Prime Minister
2005 Little Britain Live Ensemble Actor
2005 My Family - The 2005 Specials
  1. Special - Comic Relief Special
2004 Little Britain - Series 2 The Prime Minister
2003 Little Britain - Series 1 The Prime Minister
2003 My Family - Series 4
  1. E12 - May The Best Man Win
Richard Harper
2003 Manchild - Series 2 James
2003 Little Britain - Pilot The Prime Minister
2002 Manchild - Series 1 James
1997 Jonathan Creek - Series 1
  1. E1 - The Wrestler's Tomb
Adam Klaus
1996 Roger Roger - Pilot
  1. Episode One
Jimmy Price
1993 The Detectives - Series 1
  1. E4 - Acting Constables
1988 The Comic Strip Presents... - Series 3
  1. E2 - More Bad News
Recording Studio Engineer
1984 The Comic Strip Presents... - Series 2
  1. E6 - Slags

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