The Liver Birds. Image shows from L to R: Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes). Copyright: BBC.

The Liver Birds

BBC One sitcom about two young women. 86 episodes (pilot + 10 series), 1969 - 1996. Stars Nerys Hughes, Polly James, Elizabeth Estensen, Pauline Collins and others.

Series 2

1. The Wedding

First broadcast: Thursday 7th January 1971

Beryl's sister, Gloria, is due to get married. Beryl's none too pleased with her bridesmaid's dress, but when both Gloria and her fiancé, Ernie, decide to call it off, she changes her tune.


2. Look Before You Leap

First broadcast: Thursday 14th January 1971

Sandra's particularly depressed, having apparently been stood up by boyfriend Peter. Worried she'll do something silly, Beryl runs around trying to make ammends, but soon comes to her own conclusion about Peter's motives.


3. Wilf

First broadcast: Thursday 21st January 1971

Beryl and Sandra are frustrated to find they've overspent for yet another week. However, Sandra's latest squeeze, Wilf, works in his father's antiques shop and reckons an old commode could be worth a few pounds.


4. Danny And Gerry

First broadcast: Thursday 28th January 1971

Whilst Sandra is enjoying use of the flat with Danny, Beryl ends up imposing on all-too-polite neighbour, Gerry. The balance of the girls' social lives are set further off-kilter when Danny proposes!


5. The Good Samaritans

First broadcast: Thursday 4th February 1971

Sandra is inspired by the works of Bertrand Russell to help her fellow man. Beryl is a reluctant follower, but the pair step up to the plate when colleague Irene runs into some marital stress.


6. Three's A Crowd

First broadcast: Thursday 11th February 1971

Life is turned upside down for the girls when Sandra's actress friend, Victoria, comes to stay. Her effect on the flat and the men in their life is overpowering and her pretentions soon have Beryl and Sandra praying for her to leave.


7. The Man Downstairs

First broadcast: Thursday 18th February 1971

Beryl and Sandra are equally captivated when a tall, dark gentleman moves into the flat below. He is slightly less impressed by their overly-keen advances, however!


8. The Flat

First broadcast: Thursday 25th February 1971

Facing another major row, the girls realise they need their own private spaces and stumble across a far nicer flat advertised in the paper. Can they really afford it?


9. The Dog

First broadcast: Thursday 4th March 1971

Beryl's none too keen when Sandra returns home with a small puppy, particularly as the landlord expressly forbids pets in the building.


10. Grandad

First broadcast: Thursday 11th March 1971

The girls are called in to look after Sandra's grandfather for the day. As they struggle to keep him occupied, their Saturday turns into far more hassle than they'd imagined - and Beryl soon scarpers for the quiet of home.


11. Mother's Day

First broadcast: Thursday 18th March 1971

Mother's Day would normally see Beryl's parents visit, but this year Sandra's invited hers. They compromise with a party, but neither mother likes the other and slob vs snob could result in friction!


12. Promotion

First broadcast: Thursday 25th March 1971

Beryl becomes acutely aware of her 'common' demeanour after Sandra is given a promotion at work. Sandra offers to treat her to elocution lessons as a birthday present, but it seems an uphill struggle.


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