The Liver Birds. Image shows from L to R: Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes). Copyright: BBC.

The Liver Birds

BBC One sitcom about two young women. 86 episodes (pilot + 10 series), 1969 - 1996. Stars Nerys Hughes, Polly James, Elizabeth Estensen, Pauline Collins and others.

Series 7

1. Friends And Lovers

First broadcast: Sunday 17th October 1976

A new series of adventures with Sandra and Carol.


2. She Dreams A Lot

First broadcast: Sunday 24th October 1976

More adventures with Sandra and Carol.


3. A Mark On The World

First broadcast: Sunday 31st October 1976

It's really not much of a big thing for Carol if she is not considered important but Sandra is determined to go out and prove she is worth something - and succeeds in proving how unimportant it is to be important.


4. Love 'Em - And Almost Leave 'Em

First broadcast: Sunday 7th November 1976

Sandra is in for a shock when Carol's cousin Aveline comes to stay and introduces the flatmates to a whole new set of rules. But they soon discover that there is nothing new under the sun.


5. Oh The Shame Of It

First broadcast: Sunday 14th November 1976

Carol has found a man who has everything - he's good-looking, charming and ambitious but Sandra and her family don't share her enthusiasm ...


6. Cry Please

First broadcast: Sunday 21st November 1976

Sandra is concerned that Carol's new boyfriend is trying to change her and warns her about his intentions - but Carol is too much in love to take notice.


7. The 'Nearly' Hat

First broadcast: Sunday 28th November 1976

Carol and Sandra decide it would be nice to be able to buy something nice for their mothers occasionally but it turns out that their mothers are thinking the same way ...


8. Yellow And Green Make Blue

First broadcast: Sunday 5th December 1976

When they decide to decorate the flat it is no surprise when Carol and Sandra can not agree on colour schemes - but who will win the day?


Christmas Special: It Insists On Coming Once A Year

First broadcast: Wednesday 22nd December 1976

Christmas special with Sandra and Carol.