The Liver Birds. Image shows from L to R: Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes). Copyright: BBC.

The Liver Birds

BBC One sitcom about two young women. 86 episodes (pilot + 10 series), 1969 - 1996. Stars Nerys Hughes, Polly James, Elizabeth Estensen, Pauline Collins and others.

Series 9

1. There's No Place Like Away From Home

First broadcast: Friday 24th November 1978

Sandra is now married to Derek and they have moved into their own home. However, their clinic is not doing very well and, to make ends meet, Carol suggests they rent out a room ... to her!


2. The Sixth Day

First broadcast: Friday 1st December 1978

Sandra is feeling broody and when Carol's young cousin, Willy, comes to stay with her, she tries out her motherly skills with him. Unfortunately for her, the only person he wants anything to do with is Derek!


3. Various Kinds Of Old

First broadcast: Friday 8th December 1978

Sandra is pregnant and elated, but her mother is not looking forward to becoming a granny! Carol has promised her Grandad that he will get his wish to travel on the Birkenhead ferry but, with Lucian lending a hand, anything could happen ...


4. Weeds

First broadcast: Friday 15th December 1978

The Boswell home is about to be bulldozed to the ground in the cause of re-development. Sandra and her mother join the Boswells in an attempt to stop the demolition but a closer look at the driver of the bulldozer reveals it to be Carol's new boyfriend!


5. Somewhere To Live ... Somewhere To Love

First broadcast: Friday 22nd December 1978

Now that the Boswells are homeless they are finding few places to park their caravan in Liverpool. Meanwhile, Sandra has an admirer and decides to make husband Derek jealous. Unfortunately, her plan succeeds in a rather unexpected way ...


6. The Best Things In Life Are Not Free

First broadcast: Friday 29th December 1978

Sandra is not behaving in an appropriate way for an expectant mother and so Derek and her mother try to intervene. Carol has a visit from the ex who bulldozed her mother's house and the Boswells have parked their caravan outside the town hall!