The Liver Birds. Image shows from L to R: Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes). Copyright: BBC.

The Liver Birds

BBC One sitcom about two young women. 86 episodes (pilot + 10 series), 1969 - 1996. Stars Nerys Hughes, Polly James, Elizabeth Estensen, Pauline Collins and others.

Series 3

1. One's A Crowd

First broadcast: Friday 11th February 1972

Moving into a far more comfortable flat in a nicer part of the city, Beryl and Sandra immediately come across nosy neighbour Mrs Knowsley, who's petitioning to have an apparently troublesome fellow tenant evicted.


2. Birds On The Dole

First broadcast: Friday 18th February 1972

Fast approaching having to pay their next month's rent, the girls are struck by the realisation that they're out of work - and have only 50 pence to their collective name! A trip to sign on is called for, but the dole queue is not something they're used to and a ruckus ensues.


3. Good Girls Should Be In Bed

First broadcast: Friday 25th February 1972

Beryl's in quite the quandary: she really likes her latest boyfriend, but he's only in town for a short while and is due to return to London tomorrow morning. And then he asks her to have breakfast with him...!


4. Birds On Strike

First broadcast: Friday 3rd March 1972

After taking three days off work with "tonsillitis" to spend time with a boyfriend before he goes to sea for 18 months, Beryl's keen to show her face back at the factory. No sooner has she done so than her family are blackmailing her into taking part in a labour dispute protest.


5. Fella-A-Day Girl

First broadcast: Friday 10th March 1972

Unlike Sandra, Beryl doesn't much fancy a steady boyfriend: she's a fella-a-day kind of girl. That is until London-based Robert calls to say he's coming back up to Liverpool on business. A chance to finish what they never quite got started previously? Not if her heavily pregnant sister Gloria, whose husband is himself away with work, has anything to do with it.


6. Birds And Bottom Drawers

First broadcast: Friday 17th March 1972

Having read her horoscope, Sandra's hung up on the notion of getting married, and starts collecting a 'bottom drawer' of household goods for her future marital home. It doesn't seem to matter that she doesn't even have a casual boyfriend!


7. The Christening

First broadcast: Friday 24th March 1972

Gloria and her husband invite both Beryl and Sandra to be godmothers to their new baby - if they can decide on a name ahead of the Christening! When Beryl discovers the baby is to be baptised Protestant rather than Catholic however, she refuses.


8. Birds On Horseback

First broadcast: Friday 31st March 1972

After a raucous party the girls find some prankster has painted footprints over the bedroom floor and walls. With no money to redecorate they decide they'll need to get Beryls boyfriend to help. Sandra's latest squeeze, meanwhile, is a little posher and she intends to impress him by refreshing her horse-riding skills.


9. St Valentine's Day

First broadcast: Friday 7th April 1972

Beryl's depressed at her lack of a stable love life, and with Valentine's Day on the horizon it could get a whole lot worse - or a lot better! Sandra mentions her situation at work, and it seems half the men there do in fact fancy Beryl!


10. Birds In The Club

First broadcast: Friday 14th April 1972

It's all go when Sandra's boyfriend invites her to be his rugby club's entrant to a Miss Hot Pants competition. She soon discovers her bum is a full 2 inches bigger than she thought! Can she get back down with just a fortnight till the contest?


11. The Driving Test

First broadcast: Friday 28th April 1972

Sandra's boyfriend - who also happens to be the boss's son - is giving the pair driving lessons, but Beryl's struggling. Her boyfriend Johnny, however, is mad for cycling and his passion for the open road proves appealing to Sandra!


12. Liverpool Or Everton

First broadcast: Friday 5th May 1972

After football - and Beryl's dedication to Everton FC - comes between the girls and Sandra's boyfriend, they establish a works' female team.


13. The Parrot

First broadcast: Friday 12th May 1972

A wrong number leads the girls to unwittingly invite a suicidal man to the flat, whilst Sandra is taking custody of her parents' pet parrot, Bonaparte.


Short Insert: Christmas Night With The Stars

First broadcast: Monday 25th December 1972

It's evening on Christmas Day. Sandra can't stop thinking about those who've gone hungry, but Beryl can't stop thinking about how much she's eaten! Discussion soon turns to family.


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