The Liver Birds. Image shows from L to R: Beryl Hennessey (Polly James), Sandra Hutchinson (Nerys Hughes). Copyright: BBC.

The Liver Birds

BBC One sitcom about two young women. 86 episodes (pilot + 10 series), 1969 - 1996. Stars Nerys Hughes, Polly James, Elizabeth Estensen, Pauline Collins and others.

Series 8

1. Something Beginning

First broadcast: Friday 23rd September 1977

Sandra was enjoying her new career as a kennel maid until she got Carol a job there as well. Carol has managed to lose most of the dogs and rounding them up by using a Land Rover proves to be eventful ...


2. The Flower Picker

First broadcast: Friday 30th September 1977

Carol makes one mistake too many at the kennels when she mixes up the tablets for the dogs and gets the sack. Sandra is having the opposite effect on Derek, the vet, as it looks like romance is in the air.


3. You've No Idea What I've Been Through

First broadcast: Friday 7th October 1977

While Sandra's romance continues at the kennels, Carol is certain of the imminent demise of her mother as she has been seen visiting a specialist in Rodney Street - the Harley Street of Liverpool!


4. God Bless Us And Save Us

First broadcast: Friday 14th October 1977

Sandra and Derek have become engaged and Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Boswell get together to make the wedding arrangements. With their combined knowledge of the subject they should have no problems ...!


5. They Decide Up There What Goes On Down Here

First broadcast: Friday 21st October 1977

The newly-engaged Sandra is promoted to Vet's assistant and two new kennel-maids start work. But Sandra's first day in her new role is curtailed when she is rushed to hospital ...


6. The Edge

First broadcast: Friday 28th October 1977

Someone has stolen Lucian's pet rabbits and he has climbed on to the fifth floor of the City Pets shop and is threatening to jump. As everybody arrives to help, it seems that Mrs Hutchinson's niece, Dadonna, has come up with the solution ...


7. The Struggle

First broadcast: Friday 4th November 1977

Sandra's big day arrives and her mother has arranged everything to perfection - and at great expense. All is prepared except for the fact that Derek has been offered a post in Africa to study the mating habits of the greater ape! Carol tries her best to advise her friend ...


Christmas Special: Open Your Eyes And It Still Hasn't Gone

First broadcast: Friday 23rd December 1977

All of the married women are bemoaning the fact that their men have decided to spend Christmas together - away from it all. As Carol is the only one without marital problems, she decides to try and help ...