Mum. Cathy (Lesley Manville).


BBC Two sitcom about a widow. 18 episodes (3 series), 2016 - 2019. Stars Lesley Manville, Peter Mullan, Sam Swainsbury, Lisa McGrillis and others.

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The 30 best TV shows of the decade

Fleabag is the highest comedy in fourth place, in a list which also includes Black Mirror (7th), The Trip (16th), Detectorists (21st), Catastrophe (24th) and Mum (29th).

Ed Cumming and Fiona Sturges, The Independent, 2nd December 2019

Mum review - the mouse that roared, and about time too

Finally it came and, lord, it was about time. A retort of only eight words, but enough to shift the power balance in Mum and, at last, relieve the viewing public's cancerous knot. For three series Cathy (Lesley Manville), a picture of forbearance in a sensible blouse, has failed to push back and let rip at the family grotesques who blithely misuse and diminish her.

The Times, 20th June 2019

Mum, Series 3 finale, BBC Two review

Tears of laughter and sadness.

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 20th June 2019

Mum finale review

Slowly, clasped hand by clasped hand, writer Stefan Golaszewski has dismantled Cathy's barriers and subtly probed the levels of her grief.

Sarah Hughes, i Newspaper, 20th June 2019

Mum, series 3 finale, review

A perfect end to a perfect show - bring on the Baftas.

Gabriel Tate, The Telegraph, 19th June 2019

The magnificent final series ends exactly as any fan would like, with relief and new tenderness in the aftermath of Cathy (Lesley Manville) and Michael (Peter Mullan) going public with their love. The last shot is a peach, and there are tiny payoffs in every scene as the show's principle of not vocalising its emotions is relaxed by just the right amount. In the middle, though, is one heart-stopping moment of sadness and rage to remind us that all this sunny kookiness is underscored by grief. Exquisite.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 19th June 2019

Stefan Golaszewski's subtle sitcom brims with home truths in an episode characterised by unspoken flirtation and tender yearning. Tired after a "fun-packed" day in Canterbury, Cathy steals away for a secret cigarette, tempting a forlorn Michael: "We should run off into the woods together, just the two of us." Well written.

Mike Bradley, The Guardian, 5th June 2019

Stefan Golaszewski interview

"The essential problem that Cathy has - the loss of self and how, across the three series, she can find that self again".

Steve Clarke, Royal Television Society, 29th May 2019

The quiet genius of this sensitive comedy rolls on. After three days trapped in the luxury house, Cathy and Michael try to escape for some fresh air. Beautifully observed moments include Mum trying to explain the point of a walk to Jason and Kelly, Pauline's outbursts, and Derek continuing nervously to unravel. Glorious scenes all round.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 29th May 2019