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A podcast series for those interested in the mechanics of situation comedy. James Cary and Dave Cohen discuss the art of sitcom writing for TV and Radio.

Previous episodes

Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 54 - Ask Us Anything

3rd August 2017.   50 minutes.

Dave and James' first foray into Facebook Live answering your sitcom-related questions is now a podcast, plus some thoughts on the recently announced BBC pilots. To watch it and see...


Tom Edge.

Episode 49 - Tom Edge

25th May 2017.   40 minutes.

Dave and James prevent Tom Edge from getting any useful work done by turning up to his house and asking him questions about how he created and wrote Scrotal Recall/Lovesick...


Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 45 - Sketches

16th March 2017.   36 minutes.

Dave and James talk about sketches, as well as books and podcasts on writing. And another First Ten Pages is put under the spotlight.


Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 44 - Challenges and Questions

16th March 2017.   43 minutes.

James and Dave return with two more ten page challenges, and tackle your questions - including story arcs, meeting producers, and the exact mathematical answer to 'how many plots per...


The Museum Of Curiosity. John Lloyd. Copyright: BBC.

Episode 42 - John Lloyd

16th February 2017.   47 minutes.

James and Dave celebrate Episode 42 by discussing Life, the Universe and Everything with comedy legend and original Hitchhiker's Guide co-writer John Lloyd. A funny and touching tour of Douglas...


Sitcom Geeks.

Episode 37 - It's All A Plot

1st December 2016.   44 minutes.

In this episode, Dave and James return to the pain and pleasure (and many other p's) of plotting. Plus two 'First Ten Pages'.