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Sitcom Geeks: Episode 121 - Rules of Sitcom

Back to school as Dave and James update the complete guide for writing the best sitcom script. Plus news of an exciting new competition for all aspiring sitcom writers.

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Published: 5th September 2019.   Length: 35 minutes.   Size: 48.9mb

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Episode 123 - Building A Writing Career

Date: 3rd October 2019   Length: 37 mins   Size: 51.6mb

Dave and James look at the recent Emmy successes for British shows Fleabag and Succession, and talk about what makes a successful career, and why overnight success can be years...


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Episode 125 - Creating Comedy Characters

Date: 31st October 2019   Length: 43 mins   Size: 60.1mb

With the November 17 deadline approaching for the Sitcom Script Challenge, Dave and James talk about extracting maximum mileage from your characters. Spoiler alert: they don't have to be likeable.


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Episode 126 - Honing Your First Ten Pages

Date: 14th November 2019   Length: 53 mins   Size: 73.6mb

Here's plenty of valuable last-minute tips from James and Dave before you send your script out to a producer or competition. And don't worry if you miss the Sitcom Geeks...


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