Joe Bor.

Joe Bor

  1. 4th January via Beyond The Joke: Documentary film made about Robert White

Joe Bor is an actor, writer, director, producer, editor and stand-up comedian.

Stage name
Jasper Cromwell Jones


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Year Production Role
2020 Hearts Director
2020 Hearts Producer
2020 Hearts Editor
2020 Passive Aggressive Hip Hop Director
2020 Passive Aggressive Hip Hop Editor
2020 Mr VAR Mr VAR
2020 Mr VAR Writer
2020 Mr VAR Director
2020 The Autistic Comedian Brand New Director
2019 Asking For A Friend
  1. E2 - Episode Two
2019 Joe Bor: The Story of Walter and Herbert Self
2019 Jasper Cromwell Jones' Alternative Book Festival Actor
2019 Dominic Frisby: Keyboard Warrior Director
2018 The Car Boot Sale Luke
2018 The Car Boot Sale Writer
2018 The Car Boot Sale Director
2018 The Car Boot Sale Editor
2018 Dave Green's Street View Show
  1. E43 - Joe Bor
2018 Sam Delaney's News Thing
  1. E12 - Helmut Das Auto Robot
2017 How To Behave When Eating Alone Joe
2017 How To Behave When Eating Alone Writer
2016 Die Trying - Series 2
  1. E3 - Clever Girl
2016 Die Trying - Series 1
  1. E10 - Alone Striker
  2. E8 - Pic Of The Fringe (Snappy Snaps)
  3. E2 - Food For Nought
2014 Joe Bor: A Room with a Jew Self
2014 Jasper Cromwell Jones: This is Not a Holiday Self
2013 Joe Bor is Jasper Cromwell Jones Self
2013 Jongleurs Live!
  1. E10 - Episode Ten
2011 Joe Bor: In Search of the Six Pack Self
2011 Amused Moose Comedy Awards Showcase Self
2011 After Hours Comedy Self
2011 Who Killed the Counsellor? Self
2010 The Amnesty Comics vs Critics Football Match Self
2010 Joe Bor: A Study of Embarrassment By A Guy With Two Bumholes Self

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