The Amnesty Comics vs Critics Football Match

  • Variety
  • 1pm (1 hour)
  • 15 Aug 2010
  • Meadowbank
  • Free
The Amnesty Comics vs Critics Football Match. Image shows from L to R: Edd McCracken, Rob Rouse.

Show details

Variety starring Joel Dommett, Jonny Sweet, Rob Rouse, Aidan Bishop, John Bishop, Simon Brodkin, Ben Clark, Tom Parry, James Wrighton, Keith Farnan and 22 more that was performed at Meadowbank at 1pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2010.

At the Meadowbank Stadium. Crowd welcome.
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Venue details

999: Meadowbank

Alternative performances

A 'comics vs critics' football match. See top names in comedy take on the reviewers - a grudge match indeed! Amnesty International will there to referee.

Press coverage

Full press release

"Hair ruffling and bottom patting, there'll be a lot of that... and there'll be no training. I'll be encouraging my players to smoke and drink on the pitch." Comics captain, Rob Rouse

The Comics: Aidan Bishop, Alex Horne, Ben Clark (Pappy's), Davey See, Des Bishop, Doc Brown, Eric Lampert, Henry Parker, Ivo Graham, Jarlath Regan, Joel Dommett, Johnny Sweet, Ben Wilson (Idiots of Ants), James Wrighton (Idiots of Ants), Keith Farnam, Lee Kern, Rob Rouse (Captain), Simon Munnery, Simon Brodkin, Tom Parry, Tiffany Stevenson, Tiernan Douieb.

"The comedians begrudge us the honest public service we provide, by telling people not to see their shows. And we rage against them for being, err, funnier and more famous than we are. Talk about scores to settle? Now it's payback time." The Guardian's Brian Logan

The Critics: Brian Logan, Tim Arthur, Edd McCracken, Phil Miller, Julian Hall, Roger Cox, Jay Richardson, Evan Beswick, Lyle Brennan, Ed Ballard - and more to come...