Edinburgh Fringe Reviews 2010

Here's a list of the shows the British Comedy Guide team watched in 2010, with the best-rated shows at the top.

Hyperactively clever, Eldon whisks his way through a deconstruction of comedy, picking apart its exquisite corpse genre by genre. Read

Jeremy Lion Goes Green is the perfect example of what character comedy is meant to be. Justin Edwards stays comfortably (some might say worryingly) within his capabilities as Lion. Read

Quite simply, this is one of the most joyous hours of stand-up I have seen in a very long time. Read

The most important thing to say about Chris Addison's show is simply that it packs in a frankly astonishing number of laughs per minute. Read

The whole show is inventive and fun but there is one moment in particular that must be one of the most magical on the Fringe. Read

At once unsettling yet strangely touching, Hoult delivers his creations with confidence and a luscious touch of pure theatricality. Read

Original, polished and perfectly crafted, Dead Cat Bounce are a must-see. Read

Nick Helm combines one-liners, poems, audience interaction and songs to create a brilliant hour of entertainment. Read

Kev Orkian's fictional Armenian character may not deliver the most subtle of jokes, but is he a great mainstream entertainer. Read

Telling the audience that they will one day die is usually a route to the graveyard shift of live comedy, but not for Sammy J... Read

Jimmy McGhie may not be a household name yet, but based on this very likeable mainstream hour it won't be long before he is. Read

Collins is an endearing performer, and although most of the audience are made up of Collings & Herrin fans, it wouldn't be hard for him to win over newcomers with this watchable and very funny show. Read

Wide eyed and bounding around, FitzHigham has a brilliant air of enthusiasm, and is incredibly keen to involve his audience in every aspect of his storytelling. Read

Carl Donnelly's stage presence and comfort in front of the audience, belies the fact that he is one of the fringes newer performers. Read

Loretta Maine, the singer with the feel-bad factor, is back in Edinburgh to spread her jaded-fairy magic via the medium of music. Read

After a lengthy stint in the States, Jeffries seems pretty bloody relieved to be back (drinking) on stage in Scotland. Read

Tripod Versus the Dragon would be a runaway family success if it was in an earlier time slot. Read

Miles Jupp has a gift for storytelling, and someone you could listen to forever on almost any subject. Read

Now unconstrained by corsets and breeches, The Penny Dreadfuls are clearly having a ball. Read

This didn't look a guaranteed sure-fire winner, it's probably fair to say but it turns out an hour of Tony Law is not enough. Read

Pete Firman's tongue-in-cheek style and clever rapport with the audience leave him worlds apart from the old style cheesy magician. Read

The press release may say "don't expect any hefty punchlines" but the show is, in fact, full of them. Read

Amnesty International's legendary annual stand-up Fringe showcase delivered a top quality line-up. Read

This year's Lunchtime Club line-up is as strong as ever. It's a chance to see five very talented young comedians for a bargain price. Read

Choirboy to Addict and Back Again is a revealing story, well-told. Read

Young comics could do worse than watch this master-craftsman go about his business. Read

Innovative and different it may not be, but sometimes that's all you want from a gig - to be able to sit back and have a chuckle. Read

Intelligent material in sketch comedy is sometimes hard to come by, and it is through this that Clever Peter are refreshing. Read

Two creepy but cool guys in smart suits doing magic? Thank you very much, Barry and Stuart. Read

The Three Englishmen, a four person sketch group, have got charisma, wit and talent - and this should take them far. Read

Some fast-paced, high-energy, well directed - if a little over-crude at times - sketch show fun. Read

A sketch show with lots of laughs - particularly in the skits where music was involved. Read

A review of sketch group 'Comedy Bitch'... "It's a comedy review cliche to describe a sketch show as a 'mixed bag', but with Comedy Bitch said mixed bag consists of the hilarious and the merely funny. Read

Lucont works his way through the material effortlessly. Quick witted and exceedingly sharp, his one-liners shouldn't be taken for granted. Read

Alex Horne admits early on that there are only three actual jokes in the show, and, true, it is one of those Edinburgh efforts that more traditional comics moan about. Read

This isn't the finished article but Douieb is a wonderful storyteller and clearly has the nous and nerve to negotiate the peaks and troughs of a proper hour. Read

John Robins takes to the stage and speaks with the confidence and charm of someone with many more years of Fringe experience. Read

It is in the songs that these two shine, with ridiculous notions and genuinely catchy lines. It's just a shame the venue isn't great. Read

Jollyboat, a musical comedy duo from Liverpool, look set to be one of the hits of this year's Free Fringe. Read

It's an hour of easy fun - and that's what Pappy's is, and always has been, all about. Read

You aren't going to learn anything from this late-night hour and a half, but you will have fun. Read

Overall this is an enjoyable hour performed by a warm, witty comic with a vivid imagination. Read

Whilst the audience aren't rolling around in the aisles, they're clearly having a good time. Read

A fun hour and a great demonstration of vocal acting, but don't expect any deep laughs. Read

The Real MacGuffins, made up of three rather plummy blokes, are fine if you like your comedy unchallenging and easy to digest. Read

The Pros From Dover were fine, you know, just fine. Not brilliant, not bad - just fine. Read

Tom Allen delivers a delightful hour, but its just gently moving rather than anything with any heavy laughs. Read

Some funny songs about the awkward situations in life, but some issues stop the show being as funny as it could be. Read

A mildly amusing show, but Matt Green would probably have been better sticking to the audience banter which is where the main humour was. Read

Lady Garden have delivered some great ideas in their sketch show this year, but the laugh count is lower than it should be. Read

Something has gone wrong when all you can remember about a show is the set. Read