2010 Edinburgh Fringe

Andrew Collins review

Andrew Collins: Secret Dancing... And Other Urban Survival Techniques. Copyright: BBC

Secret Dancing and Other Urban Survival Techniques is the first solo Fringe offering from Andrew Collins, and it doesn't disappoint. He intends to take his audience on a journey from A-B (because, obviously, there is no A-Z) throughout the course of his hour in a packed Bannerman's. Despite the room being hotter than the sun, and not the most comfortable to stand in, the audience stayed attentive and expectant throughout.

Rather than a first attempt at stand-up from Collins, the show is a mixture of 'lectures', jokes and discussion, of everything from his escape to Surrey to sit out a mid-life crisis, his three main bird-based ambitions (during which it transpires, the audience are bird-racist) and the right leaning tendencies of the recycling bins of Reigate, set to an hypnotic march. He also contemplates trying to find room for his own obituary under that of a much loved television personality, should they be united in dying the same day.

And of course, lest we forget the training we receive in the art of Secret Dancing - if someone knows you're doing it, you're doing it wrong. But do watch out for pace changes.

Collins is an endearing performer, and although most of the audience are made up of Collings and Herrin [sic] and 6 Music fans, it wouldn't be hard for him to win over newcomers with this watchable and very funny show. Discard your A-Z, go equipped with your man bag and make sure you get there early for what is one of the happiest and mirth-filled shows you can hope to find. Oh, and don't forget, it's all for free!

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