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Sitcom Geeks

Episode 7 - Finding the Right Stories: What's the story? Now you have characters you need lots to happen to them. Things that allow them to dig themselves so deep into holes it'll take the rest of...


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TV & Radio: Catch-Up

Boy Meets Girl

Series 1, Episode 4: Tonight's the Night! Judy and Leo plan to spend their first night together as Tony and Pam are going away and Leo has conspired to get James out of the house too.



Slapstick comedy starring Kevin Eldon as a very ordinary man who sees himself as a secret superhero


Cradle To Grave

Series 1, Episode 4: Paying for daughter Sharon's dream wedding is giving Spud sleepless nights, whilst Danny has his own conundrum to solve.


Hank Zipzer

Series 2, Episode 7: When a seat on Westbrook's school council becomes available, Hank uses charm, personality and Rosa's pastries to try to stop it from going to McKelty. However, Emily is trying to win the election another way - by convincing everybody that she's too cool for school.



Series 13, Episode 3: Nish Kumar and the team look at David Cameron's relationship with a certain pig, the Lib Dems suffering from being overwhelmed by refugees from the Labour Party, and the top ten songs Jeremy Corbyn refuses to sing.