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BCG Daily Thursday 17th August 2017

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  1. Interview from The Guardian
    Peter Serafinowicz interview

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The Mash Report

Series 1, Episode 4: With the onset of Brexit, Trump and indeed the dab, we are in the midst of the most unprecedented political and world events in recent history. Luckily, comedian Nish Kumar is on hand with The Mash Report.

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The Zoo

Series 1, Episode 4: Neil the wimpy lion is under pressure from his overbearing mother-in-law to 'man-up' and 'get buff' like previous alpha-male lion, Maximus. To prove he too can be a powerful dominant male, Neil seeks out ways to improve his physique and, impressed by Jurgen's muscles, he decides to copy the gorilla and go vegetarian. The new veggie diet however, doesn't go down too well for carnivore Neil - he misses his meat with a side order of meat and despite his best efforts to kill some carrots, his mother-in-law still isn't impressed.

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