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BCG Daily - Tuesday 26th July 2016

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Series 1, Episode 2: After a night out in Bath, Morpheus leads the gang on an eight-mile quest back to Neston Berry, as instructed by his spirit guide Sean Bean. Sarah goes through her 'seven stages of drunk', Kent tries exceptionally hard to impress a girl, and Alison has to get sobered up and back in time for her driving test.

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Series 1, Episode 1: Kent returns to Neston Berry after failing at being a DJ, much to Morpheus's delight, while Sarah and Alison hear a legend about a mythical stash of nineties pills buried in a field and endeavour to find them. Morpheus resurrects the local pub quiz and meets his spirit guide in the form of Sean Bean.

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Agatha Raisin

Series 1, Episode 8: Agatha is about to marry the handsome James. But the wedding ceremony is halted mid-vow by the arrival of Jimmy Raisin, the husband Agatha ardently hoped was dead and has neglected to mention to her fiancé. Even less convenient than a living husband who interrupts your wedding is one who turns up dead in a ditch the very next day. Naturally, Agatha tops the suspect list and must race to prove her innocence.



Anna Mann auditions

Anna has finally got a casting after some time absent from the great game. Here we she her going up for a Tom Tom advert.