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TV & Radio: Catch-Up

Pitching In

Series 1, Episode 2: Frank and Carys hope themed weekends are the key to making their business work. An Arthurian event seems to be a success, until two rival re-enactment factions get drunk.

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Series 5, Episode 13: Dan Step gets carried away dancing with balloons, and Robin Hood tries to spot a squirrel.

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Danny & Mick

Series 1, Episode 7: With a wedding to organise, nothing can go wrong today. But Danny accidentally orders 10,000 toilet rolls and needs to hide them from the boss...

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Animal TV

Series 1, Episode 15: Canine fails in The Uncatchables and also featuring a brand new prank show, Hupid Stumans, where animals get their own back on their owners.

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Small Scenes

Series 4, Episode 2: A woman discovers why there are so many Cornish pasty shops in British train stations and a man tries to return a sleeping bag to John Lewis with dramatic consequences.

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