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BCG Daily Monday 16th October 2017

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The End Of The F***ing World - Trailer

James is a loner who doesn't engage with other people. His world is one of violent inner fantasies. No one talks to him at school, and he's happy with that. But everything changes in an instant when new girl Alyssa accosts him in the canteen... Alyssa is teenage angst made flesh. She feels estranged from her mum, hates her stepdad, and rejects pretty much everyone she meets. That is until she sees James sitting alone one day... Alyssa sees a kindred spirit in James - just as he identifies her as a potential victim. And so their journey begins.


Trigger Happy - Troll

Trigger Happy is back. For too long, trolls have existed purely online... until now. Dom Joly will be patrolling the streets, complete with troll prosthetics, to offer his uninvited and unwelcome opinions on anything that catches his eye. The 'human troll' is on the streets looking for nice things to ruin.



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TV & Radio: Catch-Up


Series 1, Episode 3: Nick decides to get to know Victoria's long-suffering butler a little better.

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Up North

Series 2, Episode 1: After the fire in the pub, Mick blackmails local taxi driver Patch Thatch into giving him 10 free taxi rides, since Patch was the one who started the fire by accident. Mick then comes up with a plan to frame Penelope Bottomley for starting the fire and gets his wife Rosie, next door neighbour Geoffrey, and Penelope's twin sister Rebecca, to go along with it. Daft Dave gets a new job as a Zoo Keeper at Sheffield Zoo and gives Mick two free tickets... but disaster strikes when Dada the gorilla escapes from the zoo.


Upstart Crow

Series 2, Episode 6: Will has finished Romeo and Juliet but now there's competition over who will play Juliet. Kate feels the part should be hers. If only lady-acting weren't against the law.

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Series 3, Episode 3: Kate's friend makes her godmother to a bawling baby boy, only to exploit her for free childcare.

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