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  • TV comedy
  • Channel 4 / Dave
  • 2015 - 2024
  • 150 episodes (16 series)

TV format in which Greg Davies and Alex Horne set a group of comedians various outlandish challenges. Also features Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner, Roisin Conaty, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Key and more.

  • Due to return for Series 17
  • Series 4, Episode 1 repeated tomorrow at 11pm on Dave
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Series 6, Episode 10 - He Was A Different Man

It's the final episode of the series and all five contestants not called Alice Levine or Asim Chaudhry still have genuine hopes of winning the greatest prize on earth: the shiny golden bonce of Taskmaster Greg Davies. Russell Howard invents sticky tape architecture, Tim Vine attempts a risky impersonation and Liza Tarbuck gifts Alex Horne a big, messy cake.

Preview clips

Prize task: Least appropriate accessory for a wedding.

* Asim Chaudhry: Nunchucks. - 5
* Russell Howard: A gift voucher for a divorce laywer. - 4
* Alice Levine: A positive pregnancy test belonging to the mother of the bride. - 3
* Tim Vine: A waspinator belt. - 2
* Liza Tarbuck: A sandwich board saying: "I love Tom Hanks". - 1

Task 1: Knock over the fewest skittles. You may place one item on each of the three ramp sections, or you may place two items in one of the ramp sections. Your items must be found on this table, and may not include either you or the table. You may not tamper with the balls or the ramp. The bowling balls will be released in five minutes. Your time starts now.

* Russell: 20 - 5
* Liza: 23 - 4
* Alice and Asim: 28 - 3
* Tim: 33 - 1

Task 2: Blow the candle out from the furthest distance. Furthest person from the candle when candle goes out wins. You may not relight the candle after it goes out. You have a maximum of ten minutes. Your time starts now.

* Asim: 29.5m - 5
* Tim: 13.8m - 4
* Alice: 3.5m - 3
* Russell: 2.85m - 2
* Liza: Fails to put the candle out. - 0

Task 3: Tell the Taskmaster you love him in the most meaningful way. You have half an hour. Your time stars now.

* Asim: Creates a rap song about Greg. - 5
* Liza: Makes Alex sit on a cake, bare-bottomed. - 5
* Tim: Dresses up as Greg's mum and says Greg is her favourite child. - 3
* Alice: Animates a model plane flying a banner reading: "I ♥ you, Greg.* (*Professionally)". - 2
* Russell: Spends the entire time not having sex with Greg's mum. - 1

Live task: Display a number. You get one rosette if your number is higher than the number of the person on your right. You get one rosette if you number is lower than the number of the person on your left. If you display the same number as someone else in a round, you both lose all your rosettes. Most rosettes after three rounds wins.

* Alice - 5
* Asim - 4
* Tim - 3
* Liza and Russell - 0

Final scores

* Asim - 22
* Alice - 16
* Tim - 13
* Russell - 12
* Liza - 10

Series scores

* Liza - 181
* Tim - 175
* Russell - 170
* Asim - 159
* Alice - 152

Broadcast details

Wednesday 4th July 2018
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Sunday 8th July 2018 10:00pm Dave
Wednesday 11th July 2018 12:00am Dave
Tuesday 15th January 2019 10:00pm Dave
Friday 16th August 2019 7:00pm Dave
Saturday 17th August 2019 12:00am Dave
Friday 27th March 2020 6:00pm Dave
Friday 27th March 2020 11:55pm Dave
Friday 29th May 2020 10:40pm Dave
Monday 1st June 2020 6:00pm Dave
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Thursday 1st September 2022 6:00pm Dave
Friday 13th January 2023 11:00pm Dave
Wednesday 1st February 2023 6:00pm Dave
Wednesday 19th April 2023 6:00pm Dave

Cast & crew

Greg Davies Host / Presenter
Alex Horne Host / Presenter
Alice Levine Self
Asim Chaudhry Self
Liza Tarbuck Self
Russell Howard Self
Tim Vine Self
Writing team
Alex Horne Writer
Tim Key Task Consultant
Production team
Andy Devonshire Series Director
Andy Cartwright Series Producer
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer
James Taylor Executive Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer
Hilary Rosen Executive Producer
Rob Aslett Executive Producer
Andy Devonshire Executive Producer
Alex Horne Executive Producer
Dan Trelfer Edit Producer
Thomas Perrett Editor
Joe Haughey Editor
James Dillon Production Designer
Sam Montague Director of Photography
Martin Kempton Lighting Designer
Dru Masters Composer
Tom Howe Composer


Blow out a candle from the furthest distance

Russell Howard gives it his best attempt at blowing out a candle from the furthest distance. Henry Hoover proves to be less helpful than you'd think.

Featuring: Greg Davies, Alex Horne & Russell Howard.

Asim Chaudhry's Rap Song

Asim Chaudhry expresses his love for Taskmaster Greg Davies in the form of a rap song.

Featuring: Asim Chaudhry.

Outtake: Alex Horne's Funky Dance

Alex Horne is forced in to another dance by Greg Davies. This one is funky...

Featuring: Greg Davies & Alex Horne.

Outtake: Alex demonstrates bowling task

Alex Horne demonstrates the best way to complete the bowling task.

Featuring: Alex Horne.


Taskmaster Series 7 line-up revealed

Contestants have been revealed for the next series of Taskmaster. The players in the seventh series of Dave's hit comedy will be James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Phil Wang, Kerry Godliman and Rhod Gilbert.

British Comedy Guide, 4th July 2018

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