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Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: Greg Davies, Alex Horne. Copyright: Avalon Television


  • TV comedy
  • Channel 4 / U&Dave
  • 2015 - 2024
  • 160 episodes (17 series)

TV format in which Greg Davies and Alex Horne set a group of comedians various outlandish challenges. Also features Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner, Roisin Conaty, Josh Widdicombe, Tim Key and more.

  • Due to return for Series 18
  • Series 2, Episode 5 repeated at 11pm on U&Dave
  • JustWatch Streaming rank this week: 92


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Champion Of Champions 2 - The Alpine Darling

Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: Alex Horne, Greg Davies
The Taskmaster champions from Series 6 to 10 return to the scene of the greatest triumph of their lives, as they battle to become the second Champion of Champions. Taskmaster Greg Davies's expectations are sky high as he watches Ed Gamble destroying a bath toy, Kerry Godliman rolling a bobbin, Liza Tarbuck avoiding low-flying bananas, Lou Sanders painting on skates and Richard Herring revealing his bare feet. As always, all tasks are adjudicated by Alex Horne.

Bonus task: Look the most like a champion in the Taskmaster titles. You must do five different heroic things for five seconds. You have 20 minutes. You time starts now.

- Everyone: No points awarded in this task. - 0

Prize task: The thing that makes everyone go: "Wow! That really is the greatest thing."

- Ed Gamble: His Taskmaster trophy, which he had sent into space. - 5
- Richard Herring: A two-night trip for the Champion of Champions and a partner/friend to visit Pompeii, with a stay at a four-star hotel and spending money. - 4
- Liza Tarbuck: A photo of her with David Bowie and Johnny Vaughan. - 3
- Kerry Godliman: A play called The Greatest Thing, written by herself, in which the first line is Greg Davies saying: "Wow." - 2
- Lou Sanders: A heart in a jar. - 1

Task 1: Feed yourself a grape in the most elaborate way. Most elaborate self-feeding of a grape wins. You have one hour. Your time starts now.

- Richard: Creates an advert for a Taskmaster wine. - 5
- Kerry: Gets her "grape gimp" James Acaster to roll a grape to her. - 4
- Liza: Gets Alex Horne to operate a pulley system to deliver the grape to her. - 3
- Ed: Dressed as a police dog investigating a murder via grape, but the dog eats the murder weapon. - 2
- Lou: Sitting in a bath, where Alex dressed as a cherub delivers the grape via a wire. - 2

Task 2: Cut holes in and create a scene on this board, so that when you and Alex stick parts of your body through the holes it looks wonderful. Most wonderful scene wins. You have 20 minutes. Your time starts now.

- Liza: Alex's leg in fishnet tights dancing in an alpine scene. - 5
- Lou: A turtle, a dolphin and a seahorse swimming in the sea. - 4
- Ed: An evil butcher slaughtering Alex. - 3
- Kerry: Recreates the song "What a Wonderful World", but has a character whose face is Alex's bum. - 2
- Richard: An octopus squirting ink at his competitors while he wins the Champion of Champions. - 1

Task 3: Get this duck into that pond. The duck must be launched from behind this rope, and you must stay behind this rope during its journey. You may not move the rope or the pond. Fastest wins. Your time starts now.

- Lou: 15:45
- Kerry: 16:40
- Liza: 23:10
- Richard: 24:20
- Ed: DNF after 97:09 - 1

Prize task: Pack either five bricks or five balloons in your bag. One at a time, you must then walk across the stage and place your bag on the circle near the Taskmaster, who will guess whether you were packing bricks or balloons. If he guesses correctly, you are eliminated. If you deceive him, you qualify for another round. Most deceptions wins. You will have 100 seconds to pack your bag. Winner takes all.

- Richard: Only person to deceive Greg. - 5

Final scores

- Richard - 17
- Liza - 14
- Kerry and Lou - 12
- Ed - 11

Broadcast details

Thursday 23rd June 2022
Channel 4
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Greg Davies Host / Presenter
Alex Horne Host / Presenter
Liza Tarbuck Self
Kerry Godliman Self
Lou Sanders Self
Ed Gamble Self
Richard Herring Self
Guest cast
James Acaster Guest
Writing team
Alex Horne Writer
Tim Key Task Consultant
Production team
Andy Devonshire Series Director
Andy Cartwright Series Producer
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer
James Taylor Executive Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer
Rob Aslett Executive Producer
Andy Devonshire Executive Producer
Alex Horne Executive Producer
Dan Trelfer Edit Producer
Vicky Winter Line Producer
Thomas Perrett Editor
Mark Sangster Editor
Rebecca Bowker Editor
James Dillon Production Designer
Sam Montague Director of Photography
John Ford Lighting Designer
Dru Masters Composer
Tom Howe Composer
Martin Rosten Graphics


Greg's head goes into space - in full (4K)

Here's Ed Gamble's incredible Champion of Champions prize task in full. Sit back, relax and watch the extraordinary journey of Greg's beautiful head as it travels into the stratosphere. Special thanks to Sent Into Space, and Dru Masters for composing the music.

Featuring: Dru Masters.

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