Taskmaster Series 7 line-up revealed

Wednesday 4th July 2018, 10:01pm

Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Phil Wang, Kerry Godliman, Rhod Gilbert. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Series 6 finale spoiler below.

The guest line up for Taskmaster Series 7 has been revealed.

The players in the next series will be James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Phil Wang, Kerry Godliman and Rhod Gilbert.

The news was revealed at the end of the hit comedy's sixth series, which saw Liza Tarbuck crowned as the series champion. The Series 7 announcement trailer is below.

UKTV channel Dave's most successful original series, Taskmaster was created by Alex Horne, who serves as administrative dogsbody to Greg Davies's titular 'Taskmaster' role in the TV show, and originated it as a live format performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

From production company Avalon Television, the first series was broadcast in 2015, after which its popularity has continued to grow. The most recent and all upcoming series - Taskmaster has been confirmed up to Series 9 so far - were each extended to 10-week runs.

Talking about the Series 7, producers say: "The double BAFTA-nominated and Broadcast Award winning comedy game show is set to return for its seventh series with 10 brand new episodes this September. Greg Davies, the almighty Taskmaster, once again makes himself comfy on his majestic throne, painstakingly polished by his sidekick and assistant Little Alex Horne, as he welcomes a new host of brazen contenders for the latest series of the international hit show.

"Setting perplexing challenges, the Task Tzar will preside over the inspired genius, or utter ineptitude of a new host of comics, each scrapping for his fleeting and often fickle respect, praise, and points. Record breaking stand-up James Acaster (Netflix's Repertoire), comedy writer and actress Jessica Knappett (E4's Drifters), actress and stand-up Kerry Godliman (Channel 4's Derek), internationally acclaimed comedian Phil Wang (BBC Two's Live At The Apollo, Dave's Unspun With Matt Forde), and renowned Welsh comic Rhod Gilbert (BBC Two's The Apprentice: You're Fired) are the new line-up battling for a chance to win the most prestigious title in showbiz, and possibly the world, and be crowned a Taskmaster Champion."

The tasks for Series 7 have already been filmed, with the studio recordings beginning on 19th July at Pinewood Studios. Free tickets

In September, Horne will publish his debut book, Taskmaster: 200 Extraordinary Tasks For Ordinary People.

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Alex Horne - Taskmaster: 200 Extraordinary Tasks For Ordinary People

Alex Horne - Taskmaster: 200 Extraordinary Tasks For Ordinary People

Experience the insanity of Taskmaster first-hand, with show creator Alex Horne's book based on the BAFTA-nominated international hit comedy series.

Build yourself a box and think outside of it. Your time starts now...

Taskmaster is Dave's flagship game show with a difference. As the Taskmaster, Greg Davies sets a series of ridiculous tasks to a group of comedians with Alex Horne assisting as his right-hand man, coaxing the hopeful champions to think creatively while completing various challenges - from trying to paint the best picture of a horse (while sitting on an actual horse), to destroying a cake in a beautiful way.

Taskmaster: The Book Of Champions is the first book to accompany Dave's biggest-ever original series. It's a fully-interactive guide to indulging your competitive streak and challenging your friends and family to attempt insane tasks from the comfort of your own living room. From making the most artistic tea-stain on the page to creating a self-portrait while blindfolded, this book requires you to think - and draw - outside of the box. Rivalry is encouraged, dodgy tactics rewarded and bribes accepted.

Expect cheating. Expect arguments. Expect both cheating AND arguments.

First published: Thursday 6th September 2018

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