Have I Got News For You. Image shows left to right: Ian Hislop, Paul Merton. Credit: Matt Crockett
Have I Got News For You

Have I Got News For You

  • TV panel show
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 1990 - 2024
  • 600 episodes (67 series)

Long-running topical panel game with a strong political slant, featuring team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. Also features Angus Deayton.

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Series 62, Episode 5

Have I Got News For You. Richard Ayoade
Richard Ayoade takes the host's chair for a seventh time. The guests are comedian Roisin Conaty and writer Andy Hamilton.

Further details

The episode in the week that saw the world's leaders debate the climate crisis at the COP26 Conference in Glasgow, an MP's resignation, a furore with France over fishing rights, and controversy as the long-tailed bat won New Zealand's 'Bird of the Year' award. The programme saw the panel discuss the Owen Paterson affair, the Government's vote to reform standards at Westminster and Paterson's subsequent resignation.

Richard Ayoade says: "This is the news that Boris Johnson has forced through a vote to reform standards at Westminster, following the suspension of Tory MP Owen Paterson, who was found to have breached the Parliamentary Code over his work for Randox and Lynn's Country Foods. Owen Paterson claimed he wasn't actually lobbying on behalf of these companies, he was raising concerns about milk and bacon standards. Which is ironic, because he milked the system and now he wants to save his own bacon..."

Ian Hislop gave his take: "This is the attempt to undermine democracy, transparency and accountability. And they failed, due to the fact that it was so bloody blatant".

Andy Hamilton said: "I think to give more transparency, it seems to me that the way to do it is that all MPs should have to wear the name of their sponsors on their shirts, like footballers."

Elsewhere in the episode, the panel also discussed this week's ongoing COP26 Conference in Glasgow. With talk about the hypocrisy of delegates' private jet travel arrangements to and from the conference and both the US President Joe Biden and the PM appearing to fall asleep during sessions.

The panel also took a look at the flamboyant influencer chef, Salt Bae's new restaurant in Knightsbridge, which has been criticised for extortionate prices and low wages for its chefs.

Conaty: "It's like £600 / £700 and he comes over and brings you some steak."

Ayoade: "Salt Bae... he's a chef otherwise known as Nusret Gökçe, who became an internet meme in 2017 for his unique salting style."

Paul Merton: "You're telling me that became an internet sensation?"

Hislop: "Is there not much on the internet?"

Ayoade: "Do you know what 'Bae' means, Ian?"

Hislop: "It's a sort of area of water..."

Ayoade: "'Before. Anyone. Else.' That's what it stands for."

Hislop: "Does he do pepper with the other arm?"

Ayoade: "He's been getting some bad reviews though for his gold leaf steak... it comes in at around £850."

Merton: "Yeah, next morning you're s******g ingots!"

Conaty: "What's the restaurant called, Richard?"

Merton: "'Taking The P*ss'."

Ayoade: "This is the news that a Knightsbridge restaurant run by Salt Bae, that serves a gold wrapped tomahawk steak costing nearly £1500, is paying its chefs just £12 an hour. That may not sound much, but it isn't peanuts... peanuts are £17.50."


Paul and Andy won, 6 points to 4.

Broadcast details

Friday 5th November 2021
30 minutes
  • Thursday 4th November 2021, 19:00 at Riverside Studios


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Cast & crew

Ian Hislop Team Captain
Paul Merton Team Captain
Guest cast
Richard Ayoade Host / Presenter
Andy Hamilton Guest
Roisin Conaty Guest
Writing team
Colin Swash Writer (Additional Material)
Ged Parsons Writer (Additional Material)
Kevin Day Writer (Additional Material)
Christine Rose Writer (Additional Material)
Charlie Skelton Writer (Additional Material)
Zoë Tomalin Writer (Additional Material)
Laura Claxton Writer (Additional Material)
Matt Hulme Writer (Additional Material)
Rajiv Karia Writer (Additional Material)
Rose Johnson Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Paul Wheeler Director
Danny Carr Series Producer
Jo Maney Producer
Richard Wilson Executive Producer
Ruby Kuraishe Executive Producer
Simon Brook Editor
Jon Ellis Editor
Nick Pratt Editor
Balint Szabo Editor
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
Mikki Rain Production Designer
Hugo Keating Production Designer
Karen Jackson Costume Designer
Peter Raby Lighting Designer
George Webley (as Big George) Composer
David Ward Graphics
Donna Richards Graphics

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