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Have I Got News For You. Copyright: BBC / Hat Trick Productions.

Have I Got News For You

BBC One and BBC Two panel show about the news. 457 episodes (52 series), 1990 - 2016. Stars Ian Hislop, Paul Merton and Angus Deayton.

Returns in April 2017.
Series 49, Episode 2 is repeated on Dave today at 8pm

Press Clippings

Gary Lineker on HIGNFY prompts keyboard fury

Gary Lineker has been accused of "mocking the elderly" and "promoting anti-Brexit propaganda" after making a joke while presenting Have I Got News For You.

Chris York, The Huffington Post, 18th December 2016

Have I Got News For You uses handbag to replace MP Nicky Morgan

Have I Got News For You has replaced absent guest Nicky Morgan MP with a handbag.

British Comedy Guide, 16th December 2016

Tory MP Nicky Morgan pulls out of HIGNFY

Tory MP Nicky Morgan has pulled out of a planned appearance on Have I Got News for You, days after a row over her criticism of Theresa May's wardrobe.

BBC News, 14th December 2016

Joke's over: how the TV panel show fell from grace

In their day, there was something intoxicating about the no-holds-barred panel show back-and-forth. But there seems to be little room for it in a society that has begun to appreciate empathy - and neither, conversely, in a more brutal political climate that is not particularly suitable for dissecting for cheap laughs. Perhaps, when the world lightens up again, they'll be back.

Rachel Aroesti, The Guardian, 29th November 2016

Arriving for a 52nd series, HIGNFY has rarely been more welcome. Over the next 11 weeks, Ian Hislop and Paul Merton will, as ever, captain the teams skewering the increasing ludicrousness of world affairs. They'll be running over the US presidential election, too, which is likely to provide ample quarry for some terrifying hilarity. Nick Clegg has a go in the host's chair, while Kevin Bridges is one of the week's guest panellists.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 7th October 2016

Isabel has news for Hislop

Political journalist Isabel Oakeshott has declined an invitation to appear on HIGNFY in brutal fashion.

Media Guido, 15th September 2016

Frankie Boyle's Queen jokes censored by BBC bosses

Frankie Boyle was censored by BBC bosses after a string of offensive jokes on Have I Got News For You. Appearing in the guest presenter slot, the Scottish stand-up star fired off a series of withering political gags but saved his most cutting jibes for the Queen.

The Mirror, 14th May 2016

Ally Ross: HIGNFY should not have won a BAFTA

Have I Got News For You? "They have to be kidding?" I heard myself yelp. It hasn't had an award-worthy episode since William Shatner guest-hosted in 2012 and the decline has been so relentless I can't even remember when it started.

Ally Ross, The Sun, 10th May 2016

BAFTA TV Award Winners 2016

Michaela Coel, Peter Kay, Leigh Francis, Have I Got News For You and Car Share have won at the BAFTA Television Awards 2016. Meanwhile Galton & Simpson and Lenny Henry picked up special prizes.

British Comedy Guide, 8th May 2016

Ian Hislop: making IDS cry & why we should pay more tax

"If it had been Blair or someone, you would have thought: 'He's been rehearsing this for the last month...' But I just thought: This is very odd."

Harry Wallop, The Daily Telegraph, 5th April 2016

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