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Series 21, Episode 3 - Harry Styles, Brendan O'Carroll, Vicky McClure, Rob Brydon

Harry Styles in his frankest ever TV interview gives an exclusive and stunning performance of his new solo single, Brendan O'Carroll reveals that James Blunt is a lovely kisser, Vicky McClure says no character is safe in Line Of Duty, and Rob Brydon talks about his reluctance to take to the road.

Further details

Brendan O'Carroll, talking about All Round To Mrs Brown's and Mrs Brown's passionate encounter with James Blunt, he says, "I leaned in mouthing words to the song he was singing and he kissed me. With tongues! My wife asked me if I was embarrassed and I said, 'No. It was very nice. He's a good kisser!'"

Demonstrating how he gets into the character, he says, "Mrs Brown has the walk of someone waiting for a hip operation with a touch of Norman Wisdom."

Talking about encountering world leaders while working as a professional waiter before he found fame, he reveals, "I once almost killed Margaret Thatcher. It was a big lunch at Dublin Castle and I was working the top table. We were rushing to serve everyone before the event was on the 1 O'Clock News and with just a few minutes to go Mrs Thatcher asked for some fresh strawberries.

"I served her and she then asked for some caster sugar. I rushed to get it and with only seconds to spare I poured some on the fruit. While the news was going out I watched as she put a spoonful in her mouth and at that moment realised the bag I was holding was a bag of salt. Her face said it all! Only she and I knew about it and it was never mentioned."

Vicky McClure, talking about the conclusion of the nail biting BBC drama Line Of Duty, says: "So much happens in the last two hours. It is great." Revealing that the show is filmed in two halves, she says, "I think filming all six in one go would be overwhelming as there is so much to learn - it would be 'lines and lines of duty!'"

Asked if her character makes it to the end of the series, she says, "You are always waiting for the writer to kill you off." Refusing to be drawn on how the series ends, she says, "I am definitely in next week's episode." Adding, "You can only be undercover so often so if I am in Series 5 there will have to be some changes."

Talking about working with Thandie Newton, Vicky says, "I was nervous beforehand because she is so good, but she is such a laugh."

Asked if it is hard for the core team of actors having a new central character each series, she says, "No, we love it. We have such an interesting cast."

Talking about appearing with Madonna in Filth And Wisdom, she says, "I just got a random call from her asking me to be in the movie. I took my mum to the premiere in New York and when Madonna asked her if she'd liked the film, she said, 'Vicky didn't think I would like it but it was alright!' I couldn't believe she had said that to Madonna. I was mortified!"

Rob Brydon talking about his road trip series with Steve Coogan, reveals his initial reluctance to take the part, "The first time I was asked I just didn't get it and turned it down. The second time I was asked I thought it was madness and the third time I thought it was a challenge. Now I think it is a no-brainer. It has become a lovely thing to do. It is great spending time together and it's really creative."

Throughout the show Rob entertains everyone with his very clever impersonations including Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant and Andy Murray.

Harry Styles gives an exclusive UK television performance of his debut solo single Sign Of The Times, before joining Graham for a chat.

Talking about his new album, he says, "I am excited and really proud of it. I have worked so hard on it."

Asked if it is lonely being by himself now, he jokes, "There's certainly more room in the dressing room!" Adding, I don't feel on my own because I have such an amazing band." And, on whether he will be touring, Harry says, "Yes, I think so. I'd like to."

Fans in the audience screamed as Harry reveals more about himself in a series of outrageous quick fire questions. Graham asks him to confirm or deny, by facial expression only, some of the more outlandish stories that have appeared in the press about him.

It is obvious from the look on his face that most of the stories - such as: working as an estate agent; eating dog; and using sheep's placenta as a moisturiser - are all completely fabricated. However, when asked if he had auditioned for the part of Hans Solo and whether he is about to play Mick Jagger in a biopic of the singer, Harry smiles knowingly but remains silent.

Broadcast details

Friday 21st April 2017
45 minutes


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    Cast & crew

    Regular cast
    Graham Norton Host / Presenter
    Guest cast
    Rob Brydon Guest
    Brendan O'Carroll Guest
    Harry Styles Guest
    Vicky McClure Guest
    Writing team
    Rob Colley Writer
    Christine Rose Writer
    Production team
    Steve Smith Director
    Jon Magnusson Series Producer
    Rina Dayalji Producer
    Pete Snell Producer
    Vicky Taylor Producer
    Graham Stuart Executive Producer
    Perry Widdowson Editor
    Chris Webster Production Designer
    Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer


    Vicky McClure arm folding

    Vicky McClure can't stop folding her arms it would seem.

    Featuring: Graham Norton, Vicky McClure.

    James Blunt kissed Mrs Brown

    Brendan O'Carroll talks about how James Blunt kissed him, aka Mrs Brown.

    Featuring: Graham Norton, Brendan O'Carroll.

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