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Series 21, Episode 10 - Anthony Joshua, Rachel Weisz, Martin Freeman, Greg Davies, Shawn Mendes

Rachel Weisz talks about being a wild child, Anthony Joshua says he'd love to fight Klitschko again, Martin Freeman explains why he's turned down Question Time and Greg Davies chats about Man Down, while Shawn Mendes performs live in the studio.

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Rachel Weisz, talking about her new film, the gothic romance My Cousin Rachel, says: "When I first read the script I asked the director about my character and did she or didn't she murder her husband? He said, 'I don't know. It's a mystery.' So I had to make a decision on what she was up to in order to play her but I didn't ever tell anyone on set. She could be a misunderstood modern woman or a manipulative femme fatale poisoner."

On her impressive riding skills in the film, she says, "I learnt to ride astride as a child so galloping side saddle in a corset and a big frock isn't un-challenging. It was a bit of a balancing act."

Revealing the stallion she rode had been trained on Game of Thrones, she says, "It had had been taught to 'die,' when the left rein was pulled so when I finished a scene and pulled on the left rein he did an elegant collapse on top of me. It wasn't un-painful! It was okay but there was a horrible silence on set until everyone realised I was alright."

Talking about her duel US/UK citizenship and asked what it is like living in America with Trump as president she says, "It's really bizarre. It's good for comedy and satire but not much else - poor planet earth, women's rights and health care."

Asked if she was a wild child, she says, "I was very badly behaved and was expelled from school, although my mother likes to say, 'They asked you to leave,' which is an important distinction. I didn't do just one bad thing it was multiple things. I had an authority problem and was very disruptive."

Anthony Joshua, talking about learning to box to Olympic gold standard in just four years, says, "Anyone can do it. I was no different to anyone else. It's potential and who sticks with it - that's what's key. I don't see the championship stuff as important it's how you represent yourself and the stuff you learn. The success isn't just the winning in the ring, it's what you get out of the sport and that's what I like about boxing."

Asked if being held on remand in prison when he was younger had been the wake up call he needed to change his life, he says, "No. I still felt invincible. But I started realising that through boxing and representing myself properly that the Joshua name was being respected, not out of fear but out of love. That love reflected on to my whole family and that's what I liked and when I started changing."

Talking about the Klitschko fight, he says, "It was cilvilised and it lived up to expectation. He's in unbelievable shape, has phenomenal experience and prepared himself well for a classic fight." Asked by Rachel if he has ever been knocked down in a fight, he says, "Not as a professional, and when Klitschko threw his punch I actually slipped, I didn't go down!"

And, on whether he would agree to a rematch, Anthony says, "I'd love to fight him again." Asked why, he says, "To prove it wasn't a fluke, that I am better than that, and to prove what I have learnt and do it again. He has the right to a re-match but I'll wait to see what he wants to do. We will find out sooner or later."

Talking about living with his mum, and asked if she watched the fight, he says, "She did but through her fingers." Asked if she goes to all his fights, he says, "Fighting is a passion and not a career so I am not going to do 'bring your mother to work day.' I like to keep it separate." Asked if she approves of his career, he says, "She does because of the person I am now."

Martin Freeman, talking about his new West End play Labour of Love, says, "It's funny and touching and pertinent to now. It's very up to date." Talking about the general election he says, depending on what happens the play might have to be tweaked."

Talking about his getting flack for his own political views, he says, "I have stuck my head above the parapet a couple of times." Asked if he's been asked to go on the likes of Question Time or Newsnight, he says, "Yes, but I wouldn't do it. I would be taken to the cleaners and hung out to dry. These people do it for a living, 24-hours a day and no matter how right I feel there will be someone who could hang me out to dry in 30 seconds with a well placed statistic so unless you are extremely well briefed I think it's as well to leave it alone."

Greg Davies, chatting about his new series of Man Down, says, " It is the most ridiculous and most offensive series so far."

Talking about getting fit, he says, "I did the 'couch to 5k' thing and was running in my local park when the owner of the cafe there came up to me and said, 'We've been talking and we don think you should run!' On the same day a woman sitting by the cash point and not looking too well asked me how old I was. When I told her she said, 'You look much older!'"

Graham puts all his guests boxing skills to the test, with Anthony unsurprisingly the clear winner.

Shawn Mendes performs There's Nothing Holdin Me Back live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat. Talking about the licensing laws in Canada the 18 year-old says, "I have been touring in Europe and it's been great being able to drink. Going home is going to suck and I now can't get a fake I'd because everyone knows me!"


This episode was originally scheduled for broadcast at 10:35pm but moved for extended news coverage.

Broadcast details

Friday 9th June 2017
50 minutes

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Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
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Greg Davies Guest
Martin Freeman Guest
Rachel Weisz Guest
Anthony Joshua Guest
Shawn Mendes Guest
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Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
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Nikki Parsons Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Kate Radcliffe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer

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