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Series 21, Episode 8 - Salma Hayek, Liam Payne, David Walliams, Ed Westwick, James Buckley

Salma Hayek makes her feelings about Donald Trump very clear, Liam Payne reveals he was a hands on dad from day one, David Walliams jokes about Simon Cowell, while Ed Westwick and James Buckley talk about their new show White Gold.

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Salma Hayek, talking about her new film being of the zeitgeist and reflecting today's Trumpian America, says, "The strange thing is we shot it before he became president but it really is." Asked what she thinks about the US president, she says, "I have met him and he is a strange man. What you see is what you get. Just two days after he was elected someone produced a Donald Trump piñata. We were worse than little kids, we 'killed' the piñata in seconds and stamped it into the ground!" Adding, "Imagine how I feel - I am a Mexican Arab!"

Liam Payne interjects, "One Direction once got thrown out of Trump's hotel! We were were asked to meet Trump's daughter but when we said no because there were so many fans it was unsafe, we were asked to pack our bags and leave!"

When asked what she tells people about her new movie Beatriz at Dinner, Salma jokes, "I tell them, 'Go see it.' I think it is fantastic and this is one of those rare occasions I am not lying. Usually I have to say the films are so wonderful and inside I'm thinking, 'I'm hoping no one sees this.' But, this film was such a nice experience."

The remarkably well-preserved actress, explaining how she looks so good at 50 says, "I've had no Botox, no fillers." Jokingly adding, "I do confess that I pull my hair back very tight! I have a headache but I endure it!"

Revealing she once wrongly suspected her husband of having an affair, she says, "I trust him, but one day there was a message on his phone that said, 'Hi, if you want to improve your English why don't we practice now.' It was a very sexy voice and I thought, 'What the hell? Who is this Elisa coming after my husband,' but then I thought, 'No, let it go.' Anyway, about three hours later I just screamed and shouted at him, 'Who is Elisa and why is she calling you?' He was laughing when he explained it was an app that was helping him improve his English accent!"

Liam, talking about his and Cheryl's new son Bear, says, "He is two months old now and massive. He's really tall and will probably be a basketball player.

Asked if going solo, touring and having a baby all at the same time was good planning or really bad planning, he says, "I'd like to say I was a man for planning, but it just kind of happened!"

Revealing that as Cheryl slept straight after their son was born, Liam took to his parental duties with ease, "I was there at the birth and it was amazing and then I was left in charge - I'd never changed a nappy before I met Bear and all went well brilliantly until five in the morning, Bear wakes up and Cheryl changes his nappy - there was poo and spouting wee everywhere!"

Confirming that Simon Cowell was instrumental in getting Cheryl and him together, he says, "I told him how hot I thought she was. Weeks and months went by and then Niall said, 'You'll never guess who fancies you!' Apparently he had been with Cheryl when Simon told her that I fancied her - she had turned bright red and left the room!"

Talking about the now famous wink he gave Cheryl when he auditioned as a 14 year-old for X Factor, he says, "I was ribbed terribly by my friends at school for doing that. Now I am 23 and with her and my friends stand mute in the corner of the room. I have never seen them so quiet!"

Talking about his love of kid's stuff, the 23 year-old reveals that he didn't think Cheryl's family would be very impressed with his over-sized collection, "My missus was pregnant and I was meeting her dad for the first time so I thought I had better get rid of the life sized model dinosaurs I had in my garden. I had bought them drunkenly off the internet!"

Asked about going solo, and describing his new work as "A more grown up sound," Liam says, "I had thought about not going solo because I wanted to write and chill out but when the opportunity came along it seemed wrong to turn it down after working so hard for 10 years."

David Walliams talks about a rather awkward celebrity encounter, "I was on holiday at the same place and Brian Ferry and he invited me to dinner with Prince. It was odd - Prince doesn't say much and Brian isn't much of a talker... so we sat there in silence until I broke the ice and asked them if they knew Florence and the Machine. They both looked at me blankly so I started singing You've Got The Love and I kept on singing. I was singing in front of Brian Ferry and Prince! It was the most embarrassing moment, it was horrible and I was so glad when Prince left. I had always wanted to meet him but I was relieved when he went."

Asked if he and Simon Cowell are friends he says, "Yes, as much as you can be friends with someone like him! Actually, we are like very competitive brothers and constantly trying to do one better than the other. We have a lot of fun together."

Ed Westwick and James Buckley join Graham for a chat about their new BBC series White Gold. James says of the retro period setting, "We set up a 1980's double glazing shop on Basildon high street but loads of people didn't seem to realise it was a set and we had people coming in asking for details!"

Ed talking about playing a New Yorker in Gossip Girl, says: "So many fans are disappointed to find out I am British. One girl said about my English accent, 'What are you doing? Why are you speaking like that?' She was really upset and dismayed!"

In a TV exclusive, Liam performs Strip That Down live in the studio.

Broadcast details

Friday 26th May 2017
45 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
David Walliams Guest
Salma Hayek Guest
Liam Payne Guest
James Buckley Guest
Ed Westwick Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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