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Series 21, Episode 2 - Warren Beatty, Miranda Hart, Keeley Hawes, Peter Capaldi, Jennifer Hudson

Warren Beatty debunks some of the myths about him, Keeley Hawes reveals a shameful moment from her youth, Peter Capaldi says three years as Dr Who is enough, Miranda Hart talks about singing and dancing, while Jennifer Hudson says she still likes to enter singing competitions.

Further details

Warren Beatty, talking about the Oscar debacle when he handed the card to Faye Dunaway to announce wrong name for best picture, and whether bedlam then ensued, says, "I guess you could say it was chaos." Asked if that was the talk of the evening, he says, "No, that's not true. People talk about themselves!"

Asked why his new movie Rules Don't Apply is his first in 15 years, he says, "We have four kids who are all more interesting to me than any 50 movies, but now we are approaching the empty nest period I'm maybe going to make some movies."

Talking more about his reluctance to make films, he says, "I have sometimes compared it to vomiting. I don't like to vomit and I rarely vomit, but something builds up, you think about it for a long time, you try to avoid it but finally you think you will feel better if you go ahead and throw up!"

Asked about all the myths that exist about him, Warren agrees to address each of the most outlandish stories in a 'confirm or deny' style round of questions:

Graham: "Is it true you washed your hair in a six pack of beer?"
Warren: "I deny that."

G: "Is it true that you and Jack Nicholson had a private tunnel to the Playboy Mansion?"
W: "No, it's not true. To build a tunnel from Jack's place all the way to Hefner's would have cost a billion dollars!"

G: "Is it true that Carly Simon wrote You're so Vain about you?"
W: "I don't know that."

And finally, the question everyone wants to know the answer to...

G: "Is it true that you have slept with 13,000 women?"
W: [Smiling and nodding] "That was a busy month!" Adding, "You'd have to live a long time to do that."

Asked if it is also true that he turned down the part of Superman in the 1970s, he says, "I was offered it but I didn't think it was a good idea to put a comic strip into a movie. They were insistent I think about it so I got my assistant to go out and buy me some long underwear. I put them on, looked at myself in a full-length mirror and picked up the phone to say, 'Just forget it!'"

Miranda Hart, talking about her new West End role in Annie, and asked about having to dance and sing for the first time, says, "I am new to both these skills and when we started I literally cried as I was so overwhelmed by the task and what I had agreed to do. Initially, I looked and felt like a T-Rex attempting to dance, which we coined 'The Jurassic Stage.' Very recently I am pleased to announce that the choreographer said I've moved into a more contemporary mammal look, sort of 'llama-esque.' At least we are out of the prehistoric era!"

Keeley Hawes, talking about working with her husband, actor Matthew MacFadyen, says, "We never talk about work at home. I think that would be really boring and a bit weird. We talk about the children and cooking supper."

Revealing a rather embarrassing story of her wilder younger days, she says, "Putting it delicately, I had a sleep over with someone and when I woke in the morning I made my exit only to find myself locked between the flat and the door. I had to call through the letterbox to an old lady who then called the fire brigade. They then had to break in through a window and carry me down a ladder. Talk about a walk of shame, it was quite something!"

Peter Capaldi, talking about his decision to leave Doctor Who, says, "It's bye bye. Doctor Who is a great job but it is a TV factory with so many episodes and I would worry that I wouldn't do my best work with the same vigour and fun. I've left it while I am still enjoying it. Three years is probably enough because people get wiped out by it."

Asked what he can say about the new series, he says, "I can tell you that I have recorded the death of my character but I can't tell you anything else."

Jennifer Hudson performs Remember Me live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat. Revealing she still enjoys competing, she says, "I was in Florida and went to a Karaoke contest at a bowling alley and won! They didn't know it was me and I won $75 prize money and they asked me to come back the following week - I'll be there!"

Broadcast details

Friday 14th April 2017
45 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Miranda Hart Guest
Jennifer Hudson Guest
Peter Capaldi Guest
Keeley Hawes Guest
Warren Beatty Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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