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The Graham Norton Show. Graham Norton. Credit: So Television, Christopher Baines
The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show

  • TV chat show
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 2007 - 2024
  • 494 episodes (31 series)

Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.

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Series 19, Episode 1 - Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Pet Shop Boys

Ben Affleck talks about being Batman, Amy Adams reveals her daughter wanted her to get married, Henry Cavill says he would love to be 007, and the Pet Shop Boys perform live in the studio.

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Ben Affleck, talking about being Batman, and asked if it was a high-risk decision to take the role, says: "It was an unusual choice but the risk was very appealing. I really like this version of Batman. When Zack [Snyder] asked me I didn't think I would be right for the role, and he said: "He [Batman] is completely broken down, he's older, falling apart and morally bankrupt - you are perfect for it! It was an interesting challenge and certainly a risk, but it's not what people expect."

Asked him if the role had gone down well with fans, he says: "The studio managed my expectation that not everyone would be keen on me and I was aware there had been a lot of unpleasant bile on the internet about the casting of Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, but I thought, 'That won't happen to me, I'll be fine.' But when the announcement went out and I went online one person had just said, 'Noooooooo!!"

Talking about other actors that have played Batman, and asked if he had reached out for advice from them, he says, "I didn't, but I did bump into Christian Bale at a fancy dress shop in LA and the only advice he gave was to have a zipper put in the costume. "He said, 'I did three movies without a zipper and it was hell!' I took his advice." Adding jokingly, "Clooney's advice is unrepeatable!"

Asked if winning his first Oscar for Good Will Hunting at such a young age has been a curse, he says, "It wasn't really a curse, but I couldn't really appreciate it. At 24 I barely knew anything at all. In some ways it was trouble getting all that attention that young and I didn't really have any perspective on it at all. It was a wonderful honour and I certainly appreciated it much later on for what it meant."

And talking about winning a second Oscar for Argo he said "It was much more satisfying. I'd been through so much stuff, so many ups and downs, humiliations, highs and lows. And by then I'd had three children and built a life. I knew what it meant and what it didn't mean and appreciated what was and wasn't important. It was probably a much healthier experience."

Henry Cavill, talking about the possibility of being the next Bond having missed out last time round, he says, "I don't know, it all depends. Obviously I'm very busy with the Superman stuff but if there were any windows and they wanted me to do that kind of role it would be great and I would love to do it." Asked if it seems greedy to be both Superman and James Bond, he jokes, "Greedy or awesome?"

Talking about his impressive Superman physique, he says, "Getting fit for the movie has set me my goals for Justice League - I need to get to that look or better for the new movie. It's a lot of work!" Asked if he keeps in condition between films, he says, "No. Absolutely not! There is so much that goes into it that if I didn't have my off season moments and relax I'd be a crazy person come the next movie."

Amy Adams, talking about recently marrying her partner of 15 years, says, "We've been together a really long time and finally got married. My daughter was really into the idea so we said, 'Okay.' And then she ended up not interested at all and just wanted the ice cream, which I think was her plan all along."

Asked about appearing naked in Batman v Superman, she says, "I am completely naked in the tub but they actually put me in unflattering stick-on modesty garments that came off in the bath! You're trying to do a scene and there's a little Band-Aid floating around."

Talking about her early acting career, she says, "I thought it was all taking off after Catch Me If You Can, but it didn't and I didn't work for a full year after that. I think it happened at the wrong time and I got too heady and just choked at every audition - I was really bad. The thought of it was overwhelming. But it worked out in the end!"

Pet Shop Boys perform The Pop Kids live in the studio, before joining Graham for a chat about their new album.

Broadcast details

Friday 25th March 2016
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Neil Tennant (as Pet Shop Boys) Guest
Chris Lowe (as Pet Shop Boys) Guest
Amy Adams Guest
Henry Cavill Guest
Ben Affleck Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer
Catherine Strauss Line Producer
Perry Widdowson Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Lindsey McLean Costume Designer
Mandy Furlonger Make-up Designer
Chris Rigby Lighting Designer
Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer
Kerry Hussain Graphics


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