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Series 24, Episode 1 - Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Jodie Whittaker, Ryan Gosling, Rod Stewart

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga talk about A Star is Born; Ryan Gosling says his preparations for First Man didn't quite go to plan; Jodie Whittaker reveals just a little about becoming the 13th Dr Who; and Rod Stewart performs live in the studio.

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Bradley Cooper, talking about the positive reaction to A Star is Born, says, "It's amazing. You take the good compliments when they come along!"

Asked if he had to think hard about taking on the project as both director and star, he says, "Before I said yes, a lot of friends said, 'Don't do it. It's a crazy idea.' But once she [Lady Gaga] agreed, I had to do it."

Lady Gaga, asked whether she needed persuading, says, "Once I heard Bradley sing I was blown away by him, I was moved by his passion. He may have had to convince other people to have me in the movie but, he didn't have to convince me."

Talking about being unrecognisable in the film, she says, I tried to sneak some make-up in, but Bradley wouldn't go for it." Bradley interjects, "It's how the character is and Lady Gaga is incredible."

On his own look in the film, he says, "I grew the beard really big but then scaled it back because I realised that the whole film would be about the beard!"

Asked about professional rejection, Lady Gaga says, "I always wanted to act but at auditions I just froze. I couldn't do it. I was terrible and gave up on it and went for it as a musician instead. I then really believed in myself."

And, on whether there will be a new album from her soon, she says, "I am always working on my music so you'll have to wait and see."

Ryan Gosling, talking about First Man, in which he plays Neil Armstrong, says, "Neil's sons wanted all the stories and context to shed new light on their father. It was the greatest challenge I have been part of and it was the biggest relief that, after they saw the film, they said, 'All our lives we have been asked what it is like to be the sons of the first man on the moon. Now we can say, 'Go and see the film.'"

Asked about Armstrong's iconic line 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind', Ryan says, "I was worried about it. It hung over me as it is the most famous life and a beautiful thing to say. Neil didn't think about it ahead of time so I tried not to think about it too much."

Talking about preparing for the role of an astronaut, he says, "I went into a multi access trainer and don't remember much about it. The director asked for more speed which I hated. But it was hard to complain when there were men on the set that would say, 'You know when I went to the moon...'"

And on learning to fly, he says, "I thought, 'How hard can it be when loads of celebrities do it. Well, it turns out it is really hard to do. My trainer made me do a self-imposed stall - it was a terrible idea and I wanted to land straightaway and learn something else!"

Jodie Whittaker, talking about how she heard the news that she would be the next Dr Who, says, "I went to what I thought was just a final audition and a chat with all the grownups. I was being all steely and when they told me the part was mine, I just started crying. They started telling me lots of important things about the role and all I could think was, 'I really want to WhatsApp someone.'"

Asked what it was like becoming The Doctor, she says, "I felt joy, fear and responsibility to the fans." And, on being the first female Time Lord, she says, "It is ridiculous that it is such a big deal in 2018. But, it is an exciting moment and I can always say I was the first!"

And, finally, asked if she can tell us about the new series, she says, "No, I can't say anything!"

Rod Stewart performs Didn't I live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat. Asked about receiving his knighthood, he produces his medal and says, "It made me so proud. I celebrated with a party at lunch time and a party in the evening. I was in bed by 10pm!"

Talking about his more mature songs on his new album, he says, "I am a father of eight and it's like I am talking as a parent. Which is a bit ripe coming from a rock star!"

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Friday 28th September 2018
50 minutes


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Monday 1st October 2018 11:45pm BBC1

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Lady Gaga and Jodie Whittaker perform the Doctor Who theme tune.

Featuring: Graham Norton & Bradley Cooper.

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