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The Graham Norton Show. Graham Norton. Credit: So Television, Christopher Baines
The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show

  • TV chat show
  • BBC One / BBC Two
  • 2007 - 2024
  • 494 episodes (31 series)

Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.


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Series 15, Episode 1 - Russell Crowe, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue, Richard Ayoade

Kyle Minogue reveals she had an epiphany about her career, Russell Crowe says he intimidates film directors, Cameron Diaz talks about intimate grooming and Richard Ayoade talks about directing 'proper' films.

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Kyle Minogue, taking about the rebirth of her career since 2012, says, "I'd gone through 25 years of stuff. It was fantastic, but at the end of it I just thought I wasn't ready to be a tribute version of myself.

"All these thoughts were happening and one day I had an epiphany. A real one and I might never have another one again. It was very clear. I saw the horizon with nothing on it and this calmness came over me and I thought I needed to make a big change. So, I parted ways with my manager of 25 years - amicably - and in 2013 I was working a lot in Los Angeles and on my own a bit. It was great, exciting, scary, challenging and I cried quite a bit."

Talking about the making of her new album, she says, "I had two days in the studio with Pharrell, which was a dream come true. My first day was okay although I was probably a bit on edge but I got through it. Day two, I'm driving to the studio and telling myself to stay cool but as I arrive the first person I see is Pharrell who asked how I was and I fell to pieces and wept. It was so not cool! He was very sweet and nice. It was one of those days and he talked me through it."

And, on this weekend's final of The Voice and her protégée Jamie Johnson, Kylie says, "Obviously I want him to win, but the fact the nation now knows all their names means they are all winners at this stage."

Asked if she will doing the show again, she says, "I don't know as of yet because I'm going on tour later in the year. But, all I can say is that I enjoyed the experience and it's not over yet. As a life experience it's really been something. It challenged me and I know so much more about that type of thing than I did six months ago."

Talking about being single, and asked if men are too intimidated to ask her out, Kylie says, "All they have to do is ask, but not that many ask." Asked how she actually meets men, she says, "I work a lot and I have a team, my people, and there are a few whispers down the corridor and it's stuff like that. It's not vetting, but you kind of have to have your eyes open. It's as awkward for me as it is for anyone."

Cameron Diaz, empathising with Kylie, says, "I try to keep everything discreet until I figure out whether or not it's something I want to take into the world in any way."

Russell Crowe reminds Graham that he too is single and says "Press coverage puts me off." Adding, "I also have the responsibility of my two boys and I don't want them thinking anything other than their mum is the most perfect woman in the world. I don't want them to see me in another relationship with someone who is not their mother. It's not something I need or want them to have to deal with at the moment."

On appearing with Kylie in Neighbours, he says, "I'm not sure why everyone associates me with it. I only did three days on the show. I was young and needed the money."

Talking about the controversy surrounding his new film Noah, he says, "A lot of it was people who took it upon themselves to have an opinion without seeing the movie. I find it a bit strange, but now the film's actually come out and people are seeing it, it's balancing up again."

Asked if he intimidates directors, Russell says, "Yes. The thing is, I've worked in front of a camera since I was six years old and I've done 25 years of lead roles in feature films. How to make a movie is in my DNA. I am not sure if I intimidate directors who've really got a vision but I possibly could intimidate somebody who's not sure they should be there in the first place."

Cameron, talking about recent press coverage on her advice to women regarding intimate grooming, a lively discussion ensues. Kylie is rather bashful and Russell bemused as Cameron explains, "I would like to clear up what I said. I don't care what women do with it but we should be informed about how their bodies work. It is there for a reason and to laser it off is to lose it forever!" Using Richard Ayoade's hair as a prop, she adds, "It will never come back and I think women should consider what forever means."

On her recent appearance in the musical Annie, Cameron says, "I am terrified of singing and the day I went to meet the music coordinator I burst into tears and was hysterically crying," adding, "When I did My Best Friend's Wedding I didn't try and stop the singing scene, but I was very reluctant. I was sweating and it was like stepping out onto a cliff for me."

Richard, asked how his film directorial career came about, says, "I am bad at a lot of things and what's good about that is you don't get re-hired so I've done other things. Directing to me feels more suited to my temperament which is one of fear and control!"

Asked how Ben Stiller came to be the Executive Producer of his first film, he jokes, "I don't know how that happened. He didn't have to do anything and he likes to get out of the house."

Kylie performs Into The Blue live in the studio.

And finally, Russell takes over control of the lever with the words, "I take no prisoners," as more foolhardy members of Graham's audience brave the Red Chair.

Broadcast details

Friday 4th April 2014
50 minutes

Cast & crew

Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Cameron Diaz Guest
Russell Crowe Guest
Kylie Minogue Guest
Richard Ayoade Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Dan Gaster Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Alan Thorpe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer
Catherine Strauss Line Producer
Perry Widdowson Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Lindsey McLean Costume Designer
Mandy Furlonger Make-up Designer
Chris Rigby Lighting Designer
Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer
Kerry Hussain Graphics


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