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Series 20, Episode 1 - Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Radcliffe, Robbie Williams

Justin Timberlake says Hillary Clinton should be running America, Anna Kendrick says she's really upset about Bake Off, Daniel Radcliffe admits he hasn't seen Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, and Robbie Williams says matching Elvis's chart topping album success is incredible.

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Tonight, on the first show of the new series, Graham welcomes actor and musician Justin Timberlake, Oscar nominated actress Anna Kendrick, versatile actor Daniel Radcliffe and musical star Robbie Williams to the red sofa.

Justin Timberlake, talking about performing at Eurovision and asked if he'd known anything about the event, he says, "I did, but not before I said yes to it! Then, when I told people I was doing it they would respond with, 'Oh, why are you doing that show?' and I thought, 'Why not, a lot of people watch it!' It was a lot of fun."

Chatting about his new animation film Trolls, in which he voices the main character, he says, "It was my dream job. It was a lot of fun because I got to be in the movie and to work on the music." Talking about working with Anna Kendrick on the film, he says "she made my job easy because she has an awesome voice."

When asked if having a baby had influenced his decision to make the family friendly film, he says, "I feel I would have said yes anyway, but I did it for my son - who is amazing by the way! Can't Stop The Feeling was meant as a celebration but I wouldn't have written it that way if it wasn't for him."

On the subject of the next US presidency, Justin says, "I am a big Hillary supporter and without standing on my soap box, we live in an important time and she is an incredibly smart lady. I have known her for a long time and is brilliant, personable and she should be running our country."

Anna, revealing she recently took a sedative to cope with jetlag on a long haul flight, says, "I thought I was fine but woke up to find I had recorded a six minute film of my salad and I was wearing every item of clothing from my carry on!"

Talking about her passion for The Great British Bake Off, Anna says, "I am really upset about it. I'm sad. But it's great that it immediately turned Mel & Sue into folk heroes and we're all so proud of Mary who followed them. And of course Paul stayed - with his bread and his goatee." She adds jokingly as if speaking to Paul, "Nobody likes you. Please don't come to America and be mean to me! I'm so scared of you."

Daniel Radcliffe, talking about the boy wizard, admits he hasn't yet seen the West End adaptations of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child; "I am not sure I will. I think it would be too weird an experience with people watching me to see how I react. I wouldn't be able to relax and enjoy it."

Asked about his latest movie Imperium in which he plays an undercover agent embedded with neo-Nazis, he says, "The great thing about my job is meeting interesting people and it was cool meeting the real FBI agent. The film was fun to make but it was weird saying all that stuff and in between takes I would go up to people and say, 'I am so sorry.' I felt awful."

Recalling one particular scene he says, "We were doing a KKK rally with a very small crew of one guy with a camera so from a distance it really looked like a KKK rally and people driving by became really angry and again I was tremendously apologetic. It was all very odd."

On starring in Swiss Army Man, Daniel says, "It is the film I am most proud of. It's very funny, crazy, gross and dumb, but it is beautiful. It really is original and like nothing else. It is genuinely joyous and really special." Daniel plays a corpse in the film and as a macabre treat 'Dead Daniel' joins the guests on the sofa.

Robbie Williams joins Graham for a chat about his new album. Talking about the possibility of his latest album going to number one, a record matched only by Elvis, he says, "What I seem to have done is the equivalent of stretching an elastic band from Stoke On Trent to Venus. I'm 11 albums in, I'm still here and I still get invited on TV shows. It feels incredibly surreal. It's one of those pinch yourself moments."

Robbie shares a rather blue but very funny anecdote before performing Party Like a Russian live in the studio. Robbie's story is so good Graham dispenses with the red chair this week.

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Friday 30th September 2016
60 minutes


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