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Comic chat show presented by Graham Norton. The biggest names in showbiz join the host on his sofa.

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Series 22, Episode 1 - Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Reese Witherspoon, Margot Robbie, Bananarama

Harrison Ford confirms there will be a new Indiana Jones movie, Ryan Gosling talks about the Oscars, Reese Witherspoon says Donald Trump must be a huge fan of Legally Blonde, Margot Robbie talks tattoos and Bananarama perform live in the studio.

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Harrison Ford, asked why Blade Runner 2049, in which he co-stars with Ryan Gosling, has taken 35 years to reboot, jokes, "I guess because Ryan wasn't available until now! And they were waiting for me to grow up... but then decided to go ahead anyway!"

Adding, "They finally came up with a good story. There was never an intention to make a sequel as the first one didn't do well enough at the box office because it was wildly weird for the time. Over the years it has gained an enormous acceptance and following. I thought the script was awesome and I suggested Ryan to play one of the key parts. It turned out they had been talking to him for months... They'd only been talking to me for weeks... so, I think they would have gone ahead without me anyway!"

Confirming that the fifth Indiana Jones movie is definitely happening, he says, "We have a release date and we are working on a script. It will be great. I'm looking forward to working with Steven [Spielberg] again and to revisiting the character later in life. It's interesting to see it in a different light. It will be fun and a good thing to do."

Asked if he would reboot every one of the movies he has been in, Harrison says, "You bet your ass!"

Talking about the ubiquitous Indiana Jones theme tune, he says, "I can't escape the god damn music. As I was slightly sedated for a routine colonoscopy it was playing in the elevator and the other day a fire engine was heading down the street in New York City with the music blaring out!"

Asked about the accidental punch he gave Ryan during filming, Harrison says, "I misread the script! I hit him once in 100 times... I tried to apologise and took a bottle of scotch over to his trailer and he said, 'I'm kind of busy now,' so I went back to my trailer with the rest of the bottle - I had the intention to leave it but my hand hurt and I needed some medicine!"

Ryan, talking about the movie says, "I was two when the original came out but saw it when I was about 12 and Harrison likes to say, 'Where was your mother and why was she letting you watch it at that age?' I really didn't know what I was getting into. I thought I was about to watch a regular science fiction film but it was so much more that that."

Talking about his own reaction to the messed-up Oscar announcement for best movie, Ryan says, "I was reacting to the audience. Did you see what they looked like? It was like they were watching their childhood homes catch fire! It was an interesting and unexpected moment. I thought someone had been hurt because of the way everyone was talking amongst themselves. I thought someone had had a heart attack or was in danger. Then I found out they had just read the wrong name and it was just funny."

Reese Witherspoon, talking about producing her new movie Home Again, in which she plays a 40 something stay-at-home mum with a 26-year-old toy boy love interest, she jokes, "I thought it was important to be in on the casting. We saw a lot of guys and they came back for multiple readings! It felt good."

And, on getting Gone Girl made, she says, "I bought the rights to the book and took it to every studio. Every studio turned it down except one. They then lost the rights and then the book hit number one. Another studio came in that had originally turned it down and bought it for five times the amount. It was crazy and I figured out during the process that nobody actually reads books."

Talking about Donald Trump's Commencement Speech bearing a strong resemblance to her character's graduation speech in Legally Blonde, Reese says, "It did. I think he must be a big fan of the film!" Harrison interjects, "It's true that he is better when he sticks to the script."

Margot Robbie, talking about her new film, Goodbye Christopher Robin, says, "I'd known Winnie-the-Pooh from childhood but I had no idea about the background. My character is complicated and not particularly likeable but I loved her. There is a dark side but lots of happy moments too."

Asked about her close friendship with Cara Delevingne, she says, "She's a good friend and she is awesome. She is the best and we have a lot of fun."

And, on her unlikely skill of tattooing the toes of her co-stars with 'toemojis', she says, "I've done about 100 so far and getting worse as I go along!" After Harrison turns down the opportunity she demonstrates her skills on one of Graham's production team.

Bananarama perform Cruel Summer live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Broadcast details

Friday 29th September 2017
45 minutes
  • Thursday 28th September 2017, 18:15 at The London Studios

Cast & crew

Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Reese Witherspoon Guest
Harrison Ford Guest
Margot Robbie Guest
Ryan Gosling Guest
Sara Dallin (as Bananarama) Musical Performer
Siobhan Fahey (as Bananarama) Musical Performer
Keren Woodward (as Bananarama) Musical Performer
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Kate Radcliffe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer
Perry Widdowson Editor
Chris Webster Production Designer
Mandy Furlonger Make-up Designer
Oli Richards Lighting Designer
Jonathan Whitehead (as Trellis) Composer


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