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Series 22, Episode 5 - Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler, Claire Foy, Cara Delevingne, Morrissey

Emma Thompson reveals how she said no to Donald Trump; Adam Sandler talks about his father; Claire Foy remains
tight-lipped on her succession; Cara Delevinge says she hopes her novel will help teenagers; and Morrissey performs live in the studio.

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Emma Thompson, talking about the four-minute standing ovation she and Adam Sandler received in Cannes for their new Netflix film The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), says, "We were quite surprised. It was quite a Cannes moment and we are very proud of it." Adding about being feted at this year's event, "The first time I went there - for Howards End - I had to sleep on Sam West's floor. It just shows you doesn't it!"

Asked about working with Dustin Hoffman, she says, "He's one of my great idols. When I first met him, I had an incredible reaction. I was overwhelmed by all those roles he has played that had really moved me from Midnight Cowboy on. He is such a touching character because he works so hard. He is 80 years-old and we are young in comparison and were knackered on the film." Adam interjects, "He is amazing at 80 - he's so alive and so sharp. He is a great man."

Talking about fame and being recognised, Emma says, "I was in a restaurant in Florence once and an American lady peeled off this glorious smile at me across the room and I thought, 'How nice, she must know my work.' She later came up to me and said, 'How nice to see you in here - how is the 5th floor of Saks? Do you remember you sold me that fantastic pair of shoes?' I said, 'Oh, yes of course.' That sort of thing happens too. It sort of balances out the fame thing!"

Revealing how she turned Donald Trump down, Emma says, "He asked me out once. I could have changed the course of history! We were doing Primary Colors in 1997 and at that point we only associated Trump with tasteless architecture. I was in my trailer and the phone rang - no one had every rung it nor had I ever used it. I had assumed it didn't work. It was Donald Trump on the other end - I thought someone was having a laugh so told him to F**k off. He said, 'Come and stay in one of my apartments and maybe we could have dinner.' I didn't know what to say. I was absolutely astounded because how did he get the number that even I didn't have? I said I would get back to him but I never did. In so many ways I wish I had because I could have ruffled his hair and we would then all have known the truth! And maybe he wouldn't have been president..."

Revealing she attended Reading Festival this year, she says, "There were 90,000 teenagers and me with my 54-year-old mate. I initially thought how nice it was until two things happened. First, I got into the mosh pit while the Arctic Monkeys were playing and I was so crushed in and moved up and down by people I thought, 'Oh, now is when I die, I always wondered when it would be, but I didn't picture this!' Then the toilets overflowed and you had to walk through it. I thought, 'This literally is hell!'" It was grim and I am never going again.'"

Adam Sandler, talking about his role in The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) as an under-appreciated son, says, "My own father was a strong guy - we were all scared for him and didn't want to upset him. He was definitely all about family and we loved him more than anything but there was terror too. He was strong and intimidating. He named our dog 'Adam' and would shout, 'Adam, Adam, come here.' And when I came running, he would say, 'Not you, the dog!'"

Asked about the success of his many films on Netflix, he says, "They are very nice to me and they love the new movie and are very excited about it." Talking about appearing in the film with Ben Stiller, he adds, "I've always said to Ben that we would make good brothers in a film and now we are working together. I've said that to Tom Cruise too but that didn't happen... not yet! I could be Cruise's goofy brother."

Claire Foy, talking about the second series of The Crown, says: "This is the last stint, it's over, I'm done. I always knew it was only going to be two series and then part would be reincarnated and someone else takes over. That's the nature of the part."

Asked if she knows who is due to play the Queen in the third series of the acclaimed series, she says, "Yes I do, but I'm not going to tell you." Asked if it's someone we know, she says, "Yes. It's someone that acts for a living!"

Talking about her new film Breathe, which tells the true story of disabled advocate Robin Cavendish, an emotional Claire says, "Meeting Diana Cavendish and her extended family is one of the greatest honours of my life. They are the most life-affirming, spontaneous, risk-taking, generous and gregarious people. I just want to be like them." Adding jokingly, 'I might ask if they will adopt me!"

Asked about being recognised, she says, "I bumped into a woman in a chip shop the other day. She was a bit drunk and we were chatting about her Tinder date that hadn't gone too well. And then my mum Facetimed me and for some reason me talking to my mother reminded her of The Queen and she started crying saying, 'I love you so much.' I think it was the combination of everything that made the tears come. We cuddled and it was quite a special moment for both of us." Emma interjects, "It must be quite cheering to find a member of the royal family in a chip shop under any circumstance!"

Cara Delevinge, talking about fame, says, "I can walk down the street and I feel I am not noticed that much. The other day I went to the shop to buy a bottle of wine and I got ID'd because they said I looked 16. At the same time a fan in the queue asked for a picture - it was all so embarrassing and then I had to ask him to buy the wine for me! It was actually all very funny."

Asked about her debut novel Mirror Mirror, she says, "I was writing it while I was playing a teenage cancer victim so it was escape from that world. It is a novel but I hope it helps teenagers by saying it is okay not to fit in, to come out, or talk about depression - it's cool to be different." Asked if there will be more books, she says, "The characters have more life to live so I hope so."

Morrissey performs Spent the Day in Bed live in the studio.

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Friday 27th October 2017
45 minutes

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Graham Norton Host / Presenter
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Steven Morrissey (as Morrissey) Band
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Christine Rose Writer
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Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Kate Radcliffe Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer


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