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Series 22, Episode 4 - Hillary Clinton, Jeff Goldblum, Gerard Butler, Jack Whitehall, Gregory Porter

Hillary Clinton talks about What Happened and reveals how she tried to get out of Trump's inauguration ceremony, Jeff Goldblum talks about his new movie, Gerard Butler says his motorbike accident was pretty hefty, Jack Whitehall jokes about being an action hero and Gregory Porter performs live in the studio.

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Hillary Clinton, in a one-to-one interview with Graham and explaining why she is wearing a surgical boot, says, "I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards. I tried to get up and it really hurt. I've broken my toe."

Asked if she feels jinxed in US politics, she says, "Most of us have to overcome things in life. You may not lose a presidential campaign of course! My mother used to say, "It's not about being knocked down, it's about getting back up again."

Talking about how she felt and how she coped after losing, she says, "It was shocking and devastating. I gave the concession speech and then it was like someone pulled the drain, all the adrenalin was gone and I collapsed. I felt terrible and so responsible. But I couldn't stay under the covers so I pulled on my sweat pants and went for a walk in the woods with the dogs, I saw friends, did yoga and had my fair share of Chardonnay! Laughter is the best cure for everything and I just started having a good time again."

Asked about having to make the call to Trump to congratulate him, she says, "It is tradition that the loser calls the winner. It would have been different if it had been under normal circumstances, if it had been a normal Republican! He seemed as surprised to win as everyone else was I think, but was ebullient and happy. It was very painful for me."

Revealing she tried to get out of going to Trump's inauguration as is traditional for a former First Lady, she says, "Bill and I thought maybe some of the others weren't going - we asked the Bushes. The elder ones were in hospital, which seemed legitimate! The younger ones had to go as did the Carters. I didn't know what to expect. I wanted him to rise to the occasion but that didn't happen - it was a dark and divisive speech. It was so sad and George W said to me, 'That was some weird s**t!' and it was."

Asked if she thinks US politics can ever go back to normal after Trump, she admits, "I don't know. This was the first reality TV election and the first reality TV president. It's more entertaining but worse politics. I hope we haven't crossed over into that arena."

Talking about Trump's behaviour towards her during the Presidential debates, she says, "He played a different game. It was judged that I won the debates but if you watch them with the sound off he dominates with gestures and facial expressions. He also loomed over me. I knew he was there and I regret not saying, 'You are not going to intimidate me, back off you creep!'"

Jeff Goldblum, Gerard Butler and Jack Whitehall join Graham for the second part of the show.

Jeff, talking about his new movie, Thor: Ragnarok, says, "The Marvel people are really something. They make really popular films that are actually good. They are very confident and gave the cast a beautiful actorly and creative experience."

Asked about turning 65 this weekend, and what the secret is to looking so good, the actor says, "I'm disciplined and work out daily. I sleep and I eat the right way."

Gerard, talking about his widely reported recent motorbike accident, says, "It happened about two weeks ago. A woman went from being parked to doing a U-turn and hit me. I did a somersault about 30ft in the air. I jumped straight up but realised I done something bad. I broke my ankle and damaged my knee. It was pretty hefty."

Asked about his new movie Geostorm, which he describes as, "Science with a bit of kick-ass," Gerard reveals a somewhat unconventional remedy to the pain caused by 12 hours performing on wires in a 65lb space suit, "It was recommended that I take bee venom as an anti-inflammatory. So, I was injected with 23 bee stings. My arms swelled up, I went into anaphylactic shock and was hospitalised. It turns out you are meant to have one bee sting per week!"

A horrified Jeff interjects, "I've done some cockamamie things in my time but that is crazy. I think we should trust science."

Jack, talking about his new series Bounty Hunters, which he describes as an "Action comedy thriller," says, "It's inspired by all those '80s films that I love like Midnight Run and Lethal Weapon. It's my homage to that type of film." Asked if there might be a second series, he says, "It is left open ended so there could be more."

Talking about the gig he did for the staff at Kensington Palace, he says, "Charles and Camilla were in the front row, literally sitting on thrones, and I was like the court jester. It was horrendous, no one laughed. Afterwards Prince Charles said to me, 'You were a lot better than the contortionist we had last year!'"

Gregory Porter performs Mona Lisa, accompanied by Jeff on piano, live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Talking his new album and the songs of Nat King Cole, he says, "I have a very personal connection. I first heard his songs when I was six years old and the words and meaning in them for me made up for the absence of a father."

Asked if Jeff's piano accompaniment was good, Gregory says, "Jeff has his own style... it's the requirement of jazz."

Revealing that during his early musical theatre career he once had a major wardrobe malfunction, he says, "It was easier when there was a quick costume change to be completely naked underneath. But I realised after one change that my fly was open and all my 'business' was on display to the front row. Luckily they thought it was part of the act!"

iPlayer version

An extended version of Hillary Clinton's interview is available on BBC iPlayer from Saturday evening, 21st October 2017. Graham chats to the former First Lady, senator and presidential nominee further about her new book What Happened. They discuss everything from the bruising presidential campaign to the devastating election night and its consequences, both personal and political. Hillary talks frankly about
her responsibility for the failed campaign, about misogyny and propaganda, about President Trump's "diplomacy by tweet", about his behaviour in
the infamous TV debates, and about resilience, recovery, and her hopes and fears for the future.


An extended iPlayer version of this show exists. See the notes above.

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Friday 20th October 2017
45 minutes
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Hillary Clinton tried to dodge the inauguration

It was a very interesting inauguration speech, that's for sure.

Featuring: Graham Norton & Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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