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Series 21, Episode 5 - Diane Keaton, Jessica Chastain, Kevin Bacon, Michael Fassbender, Gorillaz

Diane Keaton puckers up for Graham, Jessica Chastain says her latest film was tough emotionally, Kevin Bacon talks about being recognised and Michael Fassbender demonstrates his breakdancing moves. Gorillaz perform live in the studio

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Diane Keaton, talking about Annie Hall and the Oscars it won, says, "I still don't get the fuss but I was happy to participate."

And, on the success of The Godfather, she says, "I watched the movie for the first time in 30 years and I have to tell everyone it is genius. I couldn't believe how good it was. It was great to be there."

Asked if she enjoys on-screen romance, she says, "It's the best. It doesn't get any better. Think of all the men you get to kiss and you don't have to pay the price. The relationship is perfect because you are in the story and it's the greatest thing kissing a man in a movie. People say it is hard but they are wrong!" Demonstrating her technique, she puckers up to kiss Graham, Kevin Bacon and Jessica Chastain.

After he is kissed, Kevin says "That's now ticked off the bucket list!"

Talking about using fame to her advantage, Jessica says, "I wasn't driving but we got pulled over for speeding and I thought, 'This is a disaster,' but the cop looked at me and said, 'Are you an actor?' When I said yes he asked what films I have been in and I knew that was my moment to get out of the ticket and that I had better say the right film. I looked him up and down and thought, 'The Help? No' and said Zero Dark Thirty and he said, 'Okay, can I have your picture?'"

Talking about the slow start to her film career, she says, "I was working for four years before seven of my movies came out in 2011. I had told my family that I was working in LA with Al Pacino and Brad Pitt and they kept telling their friends that I had made it big in Hollywood. The years would tick by and the friends started to wonder how I had made it big and what kind of movies I was doing!"

Revealing she almost passed out while filming The Martian, she says, "Ridley [Scott] doesn't like green screens so we had our own air supply, cameras and lights inside our helmets. What I didn't realise was that during the first take my oxygen was turned off. I was breathing very heavily and people had to rush in to give me air. I heard Ridley's voice in my ear saying, 'Good job!'"

Talking about her new film Miss Sloane, set in the world of US government lobbyists, she says, "Politics in America right now is a circus and the more absurd it becomes the more normal it feels. The film came out four days after the election and I had to get on the red carpet at the premiere when all I wanted to do was go home and not talk about women in politics and the sexism and how much money is used to buy votes. It was a tough film release for me emotionally."

Kevin, talking about being recognised says, "I was driving on the border of Oklahoma and Texas and the towns come up fast and furious and I guess I was going faster than the speed limit. I got pulled over and the police officer asked me to step out of the car. There might have been a little contraband in the car so my heart rate was starting to climb. He then asked me to get in his car and we just sat there for a while. Finally he said, 'I want you to know that the first date I ever had was to Footloose.' I just got a warning!"

Asked if it is possible to go out in public without being recognised, he says, "People don't talk about the fact that being recognisable is 99.9% good and people are nice to you. People stop me in the street to say they love me, and who doesn't want to be loved? It's mostly good, but once in a while you ask yourself what it would be like to walk through the world anonymously so I decided to experiment with that. I had a disguise made by a special effects make-up artist and I walked through The Grove shopping mall in California, which is the worst place if you are celebrity. But nobody recognised me... it was awful - I thought, 'This sucks and I'm going back to Kevin Bacon asap!'"

Talking about his new TV series I Love Dick, which he describes as funny and sexy, he says, "I only took the role so I could say the title of the show over and over again at press events!" Asked if there will be a second series, he says, "Hopefully it will continue. I would love to do another season. I loved making it - it was a blast."

Michael Fassbender joins Graham from the premiere of Alien: Covenant for a chat about the film. Explaining that he can't say much about the plot, he says, "I saw it a few days ago and it is really good. Revealing he had is own plan for the ending, he says, "I thought it would be great for David to be dancing on the disco deck of the ship as the credits are rolling. I thought it would be rather funny to go for a Napoleon Dynamite thing for the character but Ridley didn't go for it!"

Asked to demonstrate his break dancing skills by Jessica, Michael performs a rather impressive flick swan dive.

Diane kisses Michael and afterwards Kevin says "You know I had this idea that Diane Keaton was going to go to bed tonight thinking, 'The last man I kissed today was Kevin Bacon,' but no - she's clearly traded up!"

Gorillaz performs We Got The Power live in the studio before Damon Albarn and Jehnny Beth join Graham for a chat about their new album and upcoming tour.

Broadcast details

Friday 5th May 2017
45 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Graham Norton Host / Presenter
Guest cast
Michael Fassbender Guest
Jessica Chastain Guest
Kevin Bacon Guest
Diane Keaton Guest
Damon Albarn (as Gorillaz) Guest
Jehnny Beth (as Gorillaz) Guest
Noel Gallagher (as Gorillaz) Band
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer
Christine Rose Writer
Production team
Steve Smith Director
Jon Magnusson Series Producer
Rina Dayalji Producer
Pete Snell Producer
Vicky Taylor Producer
Graham Stuart Executive Producer

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