Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Image shows from L to R: Todd Rivers / Dr. Lucien Sanchez (Matt Berry), Dean Learner / Thornton Reed (Richard Ayoade), Garth Marenghi / Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. (Matthew Holness), Madeleine Wool / Dr. Liz Asher (Alice Lowe). Copyright: Avalon Television
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2004
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

In this inventive spoof of 1980s TV, author Garth Marenghi introduces his long-lost drama about a doctor battling evil forces. Stars Matthew Holness, Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Alice Lowe and Kim Noble

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Press clippings

Garth Marenghi's new novel is titled Incarcerat

A new Garth Marenghi book is to be published in October 2023. Incarcerat will continue to follow the adventures of horror novelist Nick Steen.

British Comedy Guide, 7th April 2023

Garth Marenghi could return to television says Matthew Holness

Matthew Holness has said that he is open to the possibility of Garth Marenghi returning to television, if he is afforded creative control.

British Comedy Guide, 13th March 2023

Matthew Holness announces Garth Marenghi book tour

Matthew Holness will embark on an 18-date book tour in character as Garth Marenghi. Tickets and books are available now.

British Comedy Guide, 4th November 2022

Garth Marenghi book to be published

Matthew Holness is to publish a new book written as his fictional horror author character, Garth Marenghi.

British Comedy Guide, 17th August 2022

Stephen Merchant on Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Marenghi is setting out to seem bad when it's actually done with great skill.

Bethy Squires, Vulture, 19th April 2022

Essential episodes: Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

If the world were to end in thirty minutes time I've no doubt that many people would want to spend it watching one last episode of the show, at least if they wanted to go out laughing. But which one should be watched? It's an argument which has troubled humanity for many decades, or minutes, it's definitely one or the other, but for my money if you're a Darkplace fan your last seconds on this planet would be best spent watching the second episode, "Hell Hath Fury".

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 10th June 2021

How Garth Marenghi found his Darkplace

Our series exploring the stage origins of hit comedies continues with the cult hospital horror show that scared up audiences to become a fringe sensation.

Rachael Healy, The Guardian, 24th February 2021

The 100 best TV shows of the 21st century

The Thick Of It is the highest rated British comedy in fourth place. Also listed: The Office (6), Fleabag (8), Peep Show (9), Nighty Night (16), Black Mirror (23), Spaced (29), Catastrophe (34), Brass Eye (37), Detectorists (38), Nathan Barley (47), Black Books (53), Inside No. 9 (66), Shameless (70), The Inbetweeners (74), Gavin and Stacey (81), Fresh Meat (86), Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (92), The Trip (95) and The Mighty Boosh (98).

The Guardian, 16th September 2019

How the Edinburgh Fringe transformed TV comedy

As the Edinburgh Fringe begins again, we examine how the festival spawned shows like Taskmaster, Fleabag, and The League Of Gentlemen...

Mark Harrison, Den Of Geek, 2nd August 2019

13 modern TV comedies set in the 80s and 90s

Here are thirteen other modern TV comedies set in the recent past...

Louisa Mellor, Den Of Geek, 16th February 2018

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