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Dom Joly is an English television comedian and journalist, well-known as the star of Trigger Happy TV, a hidden camera show in which a deadpan Joly does absurd and preposterous acts in public settings. Originally on Channel 4 from 2000-2003, Joly later moved to the BBC with a similar, Friday-night show entitled World Shut Your Mouth (2005). Joly has also run for parliament, written award-winning political journalism, and led a podcast, Earworm, which revolves around this signature practical-joke format.

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Wednesday 15th November 1967
Dominic Joly


Born in Beirut, Lebanon to British parents, Joly speaks French, Arabic, and Czech as well as English. He attended two independent schools in the UK before studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.

He shot to fame in 2000 when his hidden camera/practical joke reality TV series, Trigger Happy TV, directed by Dom Joly and Sam Cadman, was broadcast on Channel 4 from [y]2000[y]-2003. Redefining the genre in one fell swoop, Joly is the sole star of the show, which saw famous sketches such as Joly shouting "I'm on the phone!" at the top of his voice into an oversized, novelty, clearly fake mobile telephone, in very public, and usually quiet settings, such as libraries, cinemas, and golf courses. Another recurring sketch included Joly dressed as an old man or a snail, using pedestrian crossings at extremely slow speeds.

The programme returned in 2016 for a one-off Christmas special on the same channel. Members of the public are never made aware of the fact that they are being filmed, with humour coming rather from Joly's willingness to make a fool out of himself. The show never used a laugh track, emphasising the comedy instead through brief instrumental and sometimes sad musical interludes. Indeed, music from bands such as Eels and The Crocketts are common features.

Three DVDs were released, containing the 'best of' both series alongside the Christmas specials. 

In 2005 Joly also made the series World Shut Your Mouth for BBC One and two series of This Is Dom Joly for BBC Three, both of which continued in this same hidden-camera vein, as well as two series of Fool Britannia, a prime-time Saturday night comedy show for ITV1.

In 2016 he returned with two seasons of Trigger Happy, a new Channel 4 sketch show containing 21 episodes in which, as per usual, he pranks the public. Although it features a whole host of new character, the massive mobile phone man now possesses a smartphone!

As well as the success of Trigger Happy TV and its offshoots, Joly has directed a wide range of pop music videos from such artists as Bang Bang Romeo and Leisure Society, and has released the chart-topping podcast Earworm, featuring music from Stephen Jones of Babybird.

Alongside his career in comedy, Joly is a former diplomat (Prague) and political producer (ITN), as well as a columnist and award-winning travel writer, whose work has featured in the Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Mail on Sunday. He has won the Silver Rose of Montreal, BBC2 Award, Loaded Lafta, and is a three times nominee for the British Comedy awards for his TV work.


British Comedy Awards 2000
Best Comedy Breakthrough Artist: Nominee


Year Production Role
2022 Camp Bestival (Shropshire) Self
2022 Kaleidoscope Self
2021 Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps Self
2021 Dom Joly's Holiday Snaps Writer
2021 Camp Bestival (Dorest) Self
2020 Greatest Celebrity Wind-Ups Ever! - Series 2 Self
2020 Secret Zoom hack Clive
2020 Leicester Comedy Festival Self
2019 Utterly Outrageous Comedy
  1. E1 - Sex
  2. E2 - Celebrity & Politics
2019 The Comedy Years Self
2019 Forget The Kids Cancelled Writer
2017 Greatest Celebrity Wind-Ups Ever! - Series 1 Self
2017 Trigger Happy - Series 2 Producer
2017 Trigger Happy - Series 2 Director
2017 Trigger Happy - Series 2 Various
2017 The Kaneing Live
  1. E2 - Episode Two
2017 Trigger Happy's Angry Cyclist Cyclist
2016 Audible Presents Self
2016 Trigger Happy - Series 1 Producer
2016 Trigger Happy - Series 1 Director
2016 Trigger Happy - Series 1 Various
2016 Trigger Happy Creator
2015 Christmas With The Double Acts (as Dom Jolly) Self
2015 Through The Keyhole - Series 3
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2012 Fool Britannia - Series 1 Writer
2012 Fool Britannia - Series 1 Various
2012 Channel 4's 30 Greatest Comedy Shows Self
2012 Hot Gossip - Series 5
  1. E1 - Episode One
2011 Ben Elton: Laughing At The 80s Self
2011 Catherine Tate: Laughing At The Noughties Self
2011 Jennifer Saunders: Laughing At The 90s Self
2011 What's So Funny? - Series 1
  1. E1 - Episode One
2010 Hot Gossip - Series 3
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  2. E5 - Episode Five
2010 Are You Having A Laugh? - TV And Disability Self
2010 Argumental - Series 3
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2009 The Unbelievable Truth - Series 4
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  2. E5 - Episode Five
2009 As Seen On TV
  1. E7 - Episode Seven
2009 Hot Gossip - Series 2
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2009 Things Talk Turntable (Voice)
2008 QI - Series F
  1. Special - Fire And Freezing
2008 The Wrong Door
  1. E5 - The Wizard Of Office
2008 What The Dickens? - Series 1
  1. E4 - Episode Four
  2. E6 - Episode Six
2007 Never Mind The Buzzcocks - Series 20
  1. Special - Buzzcocks... Imagine a Mildly Amusing Panel Show
Self (Archive Material)
2007 Would I Lie To You? - Series 1
  1. E1 - Episode One
2007 Never Mind The Buzzcocks - Series 20
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2006 Have I Got News For You - Series 32
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2006 8 Out Of 10 Cats - Series 3
  1. Special - Big Brother 7 Special
2006 Clive Anderson's Chat Room - Series 2 Guest
2005 World Shut Your Mouth Host / Presenter
2005 World Shut Your Mouth Producer
2005 World Shut Your Mouth Writer
2001 Being Dom Joly Producer
2001 Being Dom Joly Director
2001 Being Dom Joly Writer
2001 Being Dom Joly Dom Joly
2001 Have I Got News For You - Series 21
  1. E5 - Episode Five
2001 Trigger Happy TV - Series 2 Various
2000 Trigger Happy TV - Series 1 Various
1996 The Mark Thomas Comedy Product - Series 1 (as Dominic Joly)
  1. E1 - Episode One

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