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British TV Comedies - On Air Now

A Touch Of Cloth

A Touch Of Cloth

Returns: Sat 9th Aug @ 9pm, Sky1.

DCI Jack Cloth's brother, Terry, has been killed. The pair weren't close... Guide

Almost Royal

Almost Royal

Starts: Sun 10th Aug @ 10pm, E4.

Comedy-reality series in which Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart travel across A... Guide

The Alternative Comedy Experience

Alternative Comedy Experience, The

Next on: Tue 5th Aug @ 11pm, Comedy Central.

Tonight's episode of the 'connoisseurs stand-up show of choice' features... Guide



Returns: Thu 7th Aug @ 10pm, BBC3.

Ken is looking forward to an empty nest now Dylan's got into University,... Guide



Next on: Sat 2nd Aug @ 7:45am, CBBC.

Sports reporter Gary Ogden misses out on an end of series gi... Guide  Catch-Up

Don't Drop The Baton

Don't Drop The Baton

Next on: Mon 4th Aug @ 10:40pm, BBC1 Scot.

Volunteers Pam and Tam work out what a velodrome is; the pol... Guide  Catch-Up

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories

Returns: Mon 4th Aug @ 9am, CBBC.

This special reveals how Girl Guides were used to pass on secret war-tim... Guide

The Inbetweeners Go Global

Inbetweeners Go Global, The

Broadcasts: Sun 3rd Aug @ 9pm, E4.

Special programme featuring the stars of The Inbetweeners ahead of the r... Guide

The Last Leg

Last Leg, The

Returns: Fri 1st Aug @ 10pm, C4.

The award-winning gang show returns live to Friday nights with a joyful,... Guide

The Mimic

Mimic, The

Next on: Wed 30th Jul @ 10pm, C4.

Martin finds new work and makes a discovery. Harriet has pla... Guide  Catch-Up

Mock The Week

Mock The Week

Returns: Thu 11th Sep @ 10pm, BBC2.

After an August break to make way for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Moc... Guide

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

Returns: Thu 31st Jul @ 10pm, E4.

In episode one, the cast of Magnum P.I. try to sacrifice Noel to a volca... Guide

People Just Do Nothing

People Just Do Nothing

Next on: Sun 3rd Aug @ 10:45pm, BBC3.

Kurupt FM is running their weekly caller competition and MC ... Guide  Catch-Up



Returns: Sat 9th Aug @ 10pm, Sky1.

All the best bits from series one of the inspired comedy sketch show abo... Guide

Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net

Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net

Next on: Mon 4th Aug @ 11:15pm, Sky Atlantic.

Ross Noble, Rob Delaney and Richard Herring feature in these... Guide  Catch-Up



Starts: Thu 7th Aug @ 10:30pm, BBC3.

Sitcom about the world's worst brother and sister. Guide

Virtually Famous

Virtually Famous

Next on: Mon 4th Aug @ 10pm, E4.

Kevin, Seann and Chris are joined by James Acaster, Alex Bro... Guide  Catch-Up



Broadcasts: Fri 8th Aug @ 9pm, BBC1.

Comedy drama pilot about a world-weary father who is also a detective. Guide

All British TV Comedies

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 B   (TV Only)

 C   (TV Only)

 D   (TV Only)

  • Dear Heart
  • Dear John....
  • Dear Ladies
  • Dear Mother.... ....Love Albert
  • Deep & Crisp & Stolen
  • Delivery Man, The
  • Delta Forever
  • Demob
  • Dennis The Menace & Gnasher
  • Denny Willis Show, The
  • Derek
  • Des
  • Des O'Connor Entertains
  • Des O'Connor On Stage
  • Des O'Connor Show, The
  • Desmond's
  • Desperate Fishwives
  • Desperately Seeking Roger
  • Detectives, The
  • Detectorists
  • Devenish
  • Devvo
  • Dharma And Greg
  • Dial RIX
  • Diamond Geezer
  • Diana Dors Show, The
  • Dick And Dom's Funny Business
  • Dick Emery Comedy Hour, The
  • Dick Emery Hour, The
  • Dick Emery Show, The
  • Dick Emery Special, The
  • Dick Emery's Grand Prix
  • Dick Gregory
  • Dick Lester Show, The
  • Dick Shawn Show, The
  • Dick Whittington
  • Dickie Henderson Half-Hour, The
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1957)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1960)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1966)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1971)
  • Dickie Valentine
  • Dickie Valentine Show, The
  • Did You See Una?
  • Dig This Rhubarb
  • Digance At Work
  • Digance In A Field Of His Own
  • Digance In Scotland
  • Dinner Party, The
  • dinnerladies
  • Director's Commentary
  • Dirk Gently
  • Dirtiest Soldier In The World, The
  • Dirty Digest
  • Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Disorderly Room, The
  • Divided We Stand
  • Dizzy Heights
  • DNN
  • Do Me A Favour!
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • Dobson Doughnut, The
  • Doc Martin
  • Doctor At Large
  • Doctor At Sea
  • Doctor At The Top

 E   (TV Only)

  • Either/Or
  • Elementary, My Dear Watson
  • Elephant's Eggs In A Rhubarb Tree
  • Elvis Lives
  • Embassy
  • Emery Presents
  • Emma Thompson: Up For Grabs
  • Emney Enterprises
  • Empire Laughs Back, The
  • Empty
  • Emu (2007)
  • End Of Part One
  • End Of The End Of The Pier Show, The
  • End Of The Line
  • End Of The Pier Show, The
  • End Of The Tunnel, The
  • Enlighten Up!
  • Entertainer, The
  • Entertainers, The
  • Epic Win
  • Episodes
  • Equal Partners

 F   (TV Only)

 G   (TV Only)

 H   (TV Only)

 I   (TV Only)

  • It Ain't Half Hot Mum
  • IT Crowd, The
  • IT Crowd Manual, The
  • It Happened Next Year
  • It Pays To Be Ignorant
  • It Takes A Worried Man
  • It'll All Be Over In Half An Hour
  • It's A Hudd Hudd World
  • It's A Living
  • It's A Mad World, World, World, World
  • It's A Square World
  • It's Adam And Shelley
  • It's All In Life
  • It's Awfully Bad For Your Eyes, Darling...
  • It's Charlie Williams
  • It's George
  • It's Going To Be Alright
  • It's Going To Penalties
  • It's Kevin
  • It's Magic
  • It's Marty
  • It's Max Boyce
  • It's Mike Reid
  • It's Murder. But Is It Art?
  • It's Never Too Late
  • It's Nice Up North With John Shuttleworth
  • It's Norman
  • It's Not Me - It's Them!
  • It's Only A Theory
  • It's Only Me - Whoever I Am
  • It's Only TV... But I Like It
  • It's Paul Burling
  • It's Saturday Night
  • It's Tarbuck!
  • It's Ulrika!
  • It's Young Again
  • It's Your Move
  • It's... The Monty Python Story
  • Ivo Pope Show, The

 J   (TV Only)

 K   (TV Only)

  • Kabadasses
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Kappatoo
  • Karen Dunbar Show, The
  • Karen Kay
  • Karl Pilkington: Satisfied Fool
  • Kate Robbins Show, The
  • Katy Brand's Big Ass Show
  • Keep 'Em Rolling
  • Keep It In The Family (1971)
  • Keep It In The Family (1980)
  • Keeping Mum
  • Keeping Score
  • Keeping Up Appearances
  • Keith Barret Show, The
  • Keith Lemon's LemonAid
  • Keith Lemon's Very Brilliant World Tour
  • Kelly Monteith
  • Kelly Monteith In One
  • Kelly's Eye
  • Ken Dodd And The Diddymen
  • Ken Dodd At The London Palladium
  • Ken Dodd In 'Funny You Should Say That'
  • Ken Dodd Laughter Show, The
  • Ken Dodd New Year's Eve Special, The

 L   (TV Only)

 M   (TV Only)

 N   (TV Only)

 O   (TV Only)

 P   (TV Only)

 Q   (TV Only)

 R   (TV Only)

 S   (TV Only)

 T   (TV Only)

 U   (TV Only)

 V   (TV Only)

  • Vic And Bob's Popadoodledandy
  • Vic Reeves Big Night Out
  • Vic Reeves Examines
  • Vicar Of Dibley, The
  • Vicious
  • Victor Borge In Concert
  • Victor Borge Presents... Comedy In Music
  • Victoria At The Albert
  • Victoria Wood
  • Victoria Wood As Seen On TV
  • Victoria Wood Live
  • Victoria Wood Special - Wetty Hainthropp Investigates, The
  • Victoria Wood Still Standing
  • Victoria Wood With All The Trimmings
  • Victoria Wood's All Day Breakfast

 W   (TV Only)

 X   (TV Only)

 Y   (TV Only)

 Z   (TV Only)

  • Zig And Zag Show, The
  • Zig And Zag's Dirty Deeds
  • Zimbani
  • Zzzap!

 O-9   (TV Only)

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