Yes Minister. Image shows from L to R: James Hacker (Paul Eddington), Sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne), Bernard Woolley (Derek Fowlds). Copyright: BBC
Yes Minister

Yes Minister

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 1980 - 1984
  • 22 episodes (3 series)

Political satire in which well-meaning MP Jim Hacker has a fast introduction to the world of Whitehall and must then struggle against the Civil Service. Stars Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Derek Fowlds, Diana Hoddinott and Neil Fitzwiliam

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Series 3, Episode 3 - The Skeleton In The Cupboard

The Minister is dismayed when he is instructed that he must discipline the most efficient borough council in the country for having failed to return a few statistical surveys to Whitehall. A visit to Scotland's past offers up the perfect opportunity to reach a compromise.

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Broadcast details

Thursday 25th November 1982
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Paul Eddington James Hacker
Nigel Hawthorne Sir Humphrey Appleby
Derek Fowlds Bernard Woolley
Guest cast
John Pennington Peter (Civil Servant)
Rosemary Williams Gillian (Civil Servant)
Ian Lavender Dr Cartwright
Donald Gee Alex Andrews (Daily Mail Reporter)
Writing team
Antony Jay Writer
Jonathan Lynn Writer
Production team
Peter Whitmore Director
Peter Whitmore Producer
Ian Williams Editor
Gary Pritchard Production Designer
Ronnie Hazlehurst Composer


Complete confidence - Yes Minister

Woolley explains the nature of confidential discussions to Hacker.

Featuring: Paul Eddington (James Hacker) & Derek Fowlds (Bernard Woolley).

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