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Series 3, Episode 3 - Mammy's Break

It's Agnes Brown's anniversary and she's in a great mood. However, she would be in an even better mood if she could just find someone to look after Grandad for a couple of weeks while she treats herself to a holiday.

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Mrs. Brown's Boys. Image shows from L to R: Dino Doyle (Gary Hollywood), Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll). Copyright: BBC / BocPix

Private nursing homes are too expensive and Winnie can't take him in case Jacko is let out of hospital. Perhaps Doctor Flynn might be able to arrange some respite care?

Rory and Dino's new apartment isn't ready yet so Mrs Brown kindly invites them to move in with her for a couple of weeks. However, she's soon spitting feathers when Dino starts taking over the house. But that's nothing compared to how she might react if she ever found that the pair don't sleep in separate bedrooms.

When Dr Flynn reluctantly agrees to have Grandad tested for dementia, Mrs Brown devises a cunning plan to make sure Grandad fails the test and is sent for respite care. But when the health tester arrives, Grandad isn't the only person he's concerned about...

Meanwhile, Agnes is furious when Rory picks her rival Hillary Nicholson as his model in the hairdressing competition. However, Rory has a nicer surprise for his mother as well: he's arranged a psychic to contact her late husband Redser. Agnes is sceptical until Redser's spirit reveals some very ominous news.

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Monday 14th January 2013
30 minutes


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Cast & crew

Brendan O'Carroll Agnes Brown
Derek Reddin Dr Flynn
Jennifer Gibney Cathy Brown
Paddy Houlihan Dermot Brown
Rory Cowan Rory Brown
Pat Shields (as Pat 'Pepsi' Shields) Mark Brown
Eilish O'Carroll Winnie McGoogan
Danny O'Carroll Buster Brady
Fiona O'Carroll Maria Nicholson / Brown
Amanda Woods Betty Brown
Dermot O'Neill Grandad Brown
Susie Blake Hillary Nicholson
Gary Hollywood Dino Doyle
Conor Moloney Father Damien
Fiona Gibney Sharon McGoogan
Guest cast
Conor Gibney Paramedic
Mark Sheridan Paramedic
Mike Nolan Mr Foley
Joe Duffy Jimmy Gennocchi
John O'Mahony Health Tester
Writing team
Brendan O'Carroll Writer
Paul Mayhew-Archer Script Editor
Production team
Ben Kellett Director
Martin Delany Producer
Justin Healy Executive Producer
Mark Freeland Executive Producer
Ewan Angus Executive Producer
Stephen McCrum Series Producer
James Farrell Producer
Mark Lawrence Editor
Iain McDonald Production Designer
Andy O'Callaghan Composer


Mrs Brown on Hold

Agnes is desperate for a holiday but cannot find anyone to look after Grandad.

Featuring: Brendan O'Carroll (Agnes Brown), Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie McGoogan) & Dermot O'Neill (Grandad Brown).

Mrs Brown Tests Grandad's Memory

Agnes is confusing Grandad in an attempt to get him into an old people's home.

Featuring: Brendan O'Carroll (Agnes Brown), Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie McGoogan) & Dermot O'Neill (Grandad Brown).

Mrs Brown's Psychic Experience

Agnes is sceptical about psychics, but caught unawares, she gives it a go.

Featuring: Rory Cowan (Rory Brown), Jennifer Gibney (Cathy Brown), Gary Hollywood (Dino Doyle), Brendan O'Carroll (Agnes Brown), Dermot O'Neill (Grandad Brown) & Joe Duffy (Jimmy Gennocchi).

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