Mrs. Brown's Boys. Image shows from L to R: Buster Brady (Danny O'Carroll), Grandad Brown (Dermot O'Neill), Dino Doyle (Gary Hollywood), Rory Brown (Rory Cowan), Cathy Brown (Jennifer Gibney), Mark Brown (Pat Shields), Betty Brown (Amanda Woods), Winnie McGoogan (Eilish O'Carroll), Dermot Brown (Paddy Houlihan), Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll), Maria Nicholson / Brown (Fiona O'Carroll). Copyright: BBC / BocPix.

Mrs. Brown's Boys

BBC One sitcom starring Brendan O'Carroll. 36 episodes (3 series), 2011 - 2020. Stars Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Paddy Houlihan, Rory Cowan and others.

Returns Wednesday 25th December at 10:30pm. Episode Guide
Christmas 2012, Christmas Special is repeated on Gold on Tuesday at 9pm.

Press Clippings

How groundhog schedules destroyed Christmas TV

Strictly. Call the Midwife. EastEnders. Mrs. Brown's Boys. We've been here before. The BBC's Christmas offering has stagnated, and now it's do or die

Stuart Heritage, The Guardian, 27th November 2019

Vic Reeves slams British comedy including Fleabag

He prefers the cleverness of comedy to be more subtle.

Jane Clinton, i Newspaper, 19th November 2019

Mrs Brown's Boys star reveals scrapped storyline

Mrs Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll has revealed details of a scrapped storyline featuring Agnes and her sister Dolly that he's keen to revisit at some point in the future.

Digital Spy, 2nd October 2019

Is it time we stopped sneering at Mrs Brown's Boys?

So, isn't it about time that we stopped sneering at all this? Studio audiences? Loud laughter? Catchphrases? And yes, even Mrs Brown's Boys? Shouldn't we just accept that there's room for it?

Rhianna Evans, Super Ink, 4th September 2019

O'Carroll refused to sell-out Agnes Brown to adverts

Brendan O'Carroll wasn't interested in selling out his Agnes Brown character to advertisers because he felt like the offers he were given were not "worth it".

Female First, 15th February 2019

Mrs Brown's Boys review

'Mrs Brown' thrives not on snideness or superiority, but speaks to the universal truth that quite a lot of people enjoy fart gags.

Ed Power, The Independent, 1st January 2019

More festive farce with the ribald Irish mammy. The cold weather has played havoc with Winnie's plumbing - steady now - so she and Sharon end up crashing in the Brown household. A chaotic place at the best of times, it becomes more volatile during a raucous birthday party for 10-year-olds.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 1st January 2019

I endured only the second Mrs Brown's Boys of my life. The first I reviewed not long after the Brexit vote, and I wondered then whether the inexplicable success of the programme with the British mainland public wasn't directly linked to the success of the Leave campaign. I see no reason, second time around, to revise my opinion: we should have seen that vote coming. Unutterably witless, smutty/borderline blue, most of it (again) simply involved Brendan O'Carroll mugging sneeringly to camera about anyone who can spell or say things properly, saying "bucking" or "feck" to new gales of pant-wetting audience mirth, and a big happy swayalong at the end: it's like the worst panto ever. Perhaps after 29 March we'll be shot of it - O'Carroll's job here is done.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 30th December 2018

Michael McIntyre beats Mrs. Brown in TV ratings

The comedian's Christmas showcase was the most watched programme on Christmas Day, after the Queen's Speech which aired across multiple channels.

Rhiannon Williams, i Newspaper, 26th December 2018

So awful that it's physically painful to sit through

It will take me a long time indeed to forgive the BBC for its infatuation with Mrs Brown's Boys, which is so awful that it is physically painful to sit through. Recall, if you will, the scene in A Clockwork Orange where the violent droog played by Malcolm McDowell undergoes forcible cinematic aversion therapy. His eyelids are clamped open while he is forced to watch unspeakable acts of horror, his ordeal part of some deranged official experiment. Same here, when I get a commission to review the Christmas edition of Mrs Brown's Boys.

Sean O'Grady, The Independent, 26th December 2018