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Christmas 2018, Episode 1 - Exotic Mammy

Mrs. Brown's Boys. Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll)
It's the festive season once again in the Brown household, and Father Damian has organised a Christmas decoration contest to support the local football team.

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It's the festive season once again in the Brown household, and Father Damian has organised a Christmas decoration contest to support the local football team. Agnes is keen to enter, especially as it might mean getting one over her old nemesis Hilliary Nicholson. But she is soon distracted, when Dermot and Buster give Agnes a "wifi assistant" and she has trouble figuring out what to do with it.

Meanwhile, Cathy is up for a promotion at work and Dino and Rory give Buster a full make-over, so he can look the best for his internet date. It's bound to go well, as long as she looks like she does in her photo...

Broadcast details

Tuesday 25th December 2018
35 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Saturday 29th December 2018 9:35pm BBC1
Monday 16th December 2019 9:30pm BBC1
Monday 16th December 2019 11:35pm BBC1 Wales
Monday 13th December 2021 10:35pm BBC1
Thursday 16th December 2021 12:30am BBC1 Wales

Cast & crew

Brendan O'Carroll Agnes Brown
Derek Reddin Dr Flynn
Jennifer Gibney Cathy Brown
Paddy Houlihan Dermot Brown
Pat Shields (as Pat 'Pepsi' Shields) Mark Brown
Eilish O'Carroll Winnie McGoogan
Danny O'Carroll Buster Brady
Fiona O'Carroll Maria Nicholson / Brown
Amanda Woods Betty Brown
Dermot O'Neill Grandad Brown
Susie Blake Hillary Nicholson
Gary Hollywood Dino Doyle
Conor Moloney Father Damien
Fiona Gibney Sharon McGoogan
Guest cast
Martin Delany Trevor Brown
Jimmy Gibney Father McBride
Damien McKiernan Rory Brown
June Rodgers Blind Date
Helen Spain Sheila Flynn
June Rodgers Maggie (Voice)
Jo Kennedy-Valentine Maggie (Voice)
Writing team
Brendan O'Carroll Writer
Production team
Ben Kellett Director
Fiona Gibney Producer
Ben Kellett Producer
Justin Healy Executive Producer
Steven Canny Executive Producer
Brendan O'Carroll Executive Producer
Tracy McParland Producer
Martin Delany Executive Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Gavin Smith Executive Producer
Mark Lawrence Editor
Yvonne Simpson Costume Designer
Martin Hawkins Lighting Designer
Andy O'Callaghan Composer
Chris Webster Production Designer
Nicole Tulloch Make-up Designer
Gregor Sharp Commissioning Editor


I endured only the second Mrs Brown's Boys of my life. The first I reviewed not long after the Brexit vote, and I wondered then whether the inexplicable success of the programme with the British mainland public wasn't directly linked to the success of the Leave campaign. I see no reason, second time around, to revise my opinion: we should have seen that vote coming. Unutterably witless, smutty/borderline blue, most of it (again) simply involved Brendan O'Carroll mugging sneeringly to camera about anyone who can spell or say things properly, saying "bucking" or "feck" to new gales of pant-wetting audience mirth, and a big happy swayalong at the end: it's like the worst panto ever. Perhaps after 29 March we'll be shot of it - O'Carroll's job here is done.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 30th December 2018

How did a show nobody likes become so popular?

In 2006, years before anyone in the UK had heard of Mrs Brown's Boys, comedian Brendan O'Carroll was grilled by two puppets on Irish television. O'Carroll was introduced as "the equally annoying, equally successful" creator of Agnes Brown.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 26th December 2018

So awful that it's physically painful to sit through

It will take me a long time indeed to forgive the BBC for its infatuation with Mrs Brown's Boys, which is so awful that it is physically painful to sit through. Recall, if you will, the scene in A Clockwork Orange where the violent droog played by Malcolm McDowell undergoes forcible cinematic aversion therapy. His eyelids are clamped open while he is forced to watch unspeakable acts of horror, his ordeal part of some deranged official experiment. Same here, when I get a commission to review the Christmas edition of Mrs Brown's Boys.

Sean O'Grady, The Independent, 26th December 2018

The long life of a critic-proof comedy

It has been called "the worst comedy ever made," but after seven years, Mrs Brown's Boys remains a hit with viewers.

Thomas McMullan, BBC, 24th December 2018

Everyone likes a good mystery show: here the mystery continues as to why this series rides higher than Santa's reindeer in the ratings. Agnes wants to enter a Christmas-decoration competition, but has to tear herself away from her new wifi assistant first. Pinnacles of wit include "arse", and a raspberry noise.

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 24th December 2018

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