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Christmas 2017 - CSI: Mammy

Mrs. Brown's Boys. Image shows from L to R: Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll), Buster Brady (Danny O'Carroll), Dermot Brown (Paddy Houlihan)
Father Damien convenes a Neighbourhood Watch patrol to tackle the rising amount of crime.

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Father Damien convenes a Neighbourhood Watch patrol to tackle the rising amount of crime in Finglas, but catching criminals isn't necessarily something Agnes and Winnie are cut out to do.

Meanwhile Cathy has had yet another disastrous internet date so Agnes takes some unorthodox steps to put her daughter's man troubles to rest once and for all.

Broadcast details

Monday 1st January 2018
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 4th January 2018 10:45pm BBC1
Thursday 4th January 2018 11:45pm BBC1 Scot
Saturday 23rd January 2021 9:30pm BBC1

Cast & crew

Brendan O'Carroll Agnes Brown
Derek Reddin Dr Flynn
Jennifer Gibney Cathy Brown
Paddy Houlihan Dermot Brown
Pat Shields (as Pat 'Pepsi' Shields) Mark Brown
Eilish O'Carroll Winnie McGoogan
Danny O'Carroll Buster Brady
Fiona O'Carroll Maria Nicholson / Brown
Amanda Woods Betty Brown
Dermot O'Neill Grandad Brown
Susie Blake Hillary Nicholson
Gary Hollywood Dino Doyle
Conor Moloney Father Damien
Fiona Gibney Sharon McGoogan
Guest cast
Jamie O'Carroll Bono Brown
Conor Gibney Garda Kingston
Stephen McConnell Garda Ferguson
Damien McKiernan Rory Brown
Laurence Kinlan Hannigan
Annette Curtain DI Dougherty
Joe Duffy Live Line Presenter
Mark Sheridan Florist
Writing team
Brendan O'Carroll Writer
Production team
Ben Kellett Director
Fiona Gibney Producer
Ben Kellett Producer
Justin Healy Executive Producer
Ewan Angus Executive Producer
Steven Canny Executive Producer
Brendan O'Carroll Executive Producer
James Farrell Series Producer
Tracy McParland Producer
Eddie Doyle Executive Producer
Martin Delany Executive Producer
Chris Sussman Executive Producer
Mark Lawrence Editor
Yvonne Simpson Costume Designer
Martin Hawkins Lighting Designer
Andy O'Callaghan Composer
Jonathan Paul Green Production Designer
Helen Cannon Make-up Designer
Gregor Sharp Commissioning Editor


Trailer: Mrs Brown's Boys: New Year Special 2017

New Year with Mrs Brown gets more complicated each year...

Featuring: Brendan O'Carroll (Agnes Brown), Jennifer Gibney (Cathy Brown), Paddy Houlihan (Dermot Brown), Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie McGoogan), Danny O'Carroll (Buster Brady), Fiona O'Carroll (Maria Nicholson / Brown), Amanda Woods (Betty Brown), Susie Blake (Hillary Nicholson), Gary Hollywood (Dino Doyle), Fiona Gibney (Sharon McGoogan), Conor Gibney (Garda Kingston), Stephen McConnell (Garda Ferguson) & Damien McKiernan (Rory Brown).

Hilliary's Stalker

Hilliary tells Mrs Brown about her stalker.

Featuring: Brendan O'Carroll (Agnes Brown), Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie McGoogan), Fiona O'Carroll (Maria Nicholson / Brown), Susie Blake (Hillary Nicholson), Fiona Gibney (Sharon McGoogan), Conor Gibney (Garda Kingston) & Stephen McConnell (Garda Ferguson).


Seasons come and seasons go, but the show Michael Gove calls "pure genius", the omega to Father Ted's alpha, remains defiantly unchanged, even at Christmas, despite the addition of a bit of tinsel on the set. Father Damien sets up a Neighbourhood Watch patrol; Cathy has another terrible internet date ("I need a man!" Mrs Brown: "Don't look at me!") and there's a whole lot of fecking going on. In a word: untaxing.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 1st January 2018

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